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I purchased this domain name in a vain effort to protect some of Creepypasta for the fans/community as opposed to corporations and eCelebs. I'm hoping to make this a part of the TooSpooky.com community, where anyone can post their work and "feature" well-known or well-made Trollpastas. This won't be a spot for "i ate a potato and my head fell off and i died and wrote this as a ghost" shitposts. Hopefully.
02:33:37 PM 07/09/17 by Slimebeast

1.) Should be actually funny and/or legitimate trolling. Not stuff like; "I SHAT OUT MY OWN SKULL AND DIED THE END THEN I WATCHED SPENGBAB THE END THEN I DIED AGAIN THIS IS MY GHOST THE END."

2.) Credit the writer unless it's legit anonymous.

3.) This is my ghost. The End.
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