Adventure Time: Zombie Jake

Hello, i'm Carl Baker. I love Adventure Time. I have all toys, DVDs, and plush toys of the series. I watched all single episodes, including "Come Along with Me" and the pilot episode. But there was a episode that changed my life forever. Here's the story:

The title card.

It was around Christmas of 2018, and my aunt bought a Adventure Time DVD since i'm a big fan.

"Wow, i can't wait to get the limited editions!" I screamed in joy.

Then i opened the box and there was a simple DVD cover with the Adventure Time logo and a crudely drawn Jake hugging Lumpy Space Princess.

I opened it and putted in my DVD player. There was no menu. Then the episode started.

The intro was normal, but there was no one except Finn and Jake, the sky was grey, and the total lack of noises. Just music and strange voices. The man singing the theme song's voice was very creepy.

Then the title card appeared. It had no image, just a black background with the words "Adventure Time presents: Goodnight, Jake"

"Goodnight Jake? What's that about?" I said in confusion.

Then the screen cut to Jake crying at Hot Dog Kingdom, while Finn was conforting him.

Then Jake said: "I have no joy right now. Leave me alone, Finn"

Finn ran away from Hot Dog Kingdom. He started to pretend he's smiling. He was walking and frowning at the same time.

A wind blown, the sound was creepy.

Then Jake said: "Why's no one here.. i can't live without Hot Dog Princess..."

A said screenshot from the episode.

I said: "What's this? Nonsense?"

And then Princess Bubblegum, with a black dress and crying blood was in front of Jake.

Princess Bubblegum said: "You're next, Jake"

"W-what?" I was scared at the moment i was saying that.

Then Princess Bubblegum stabbed Jake with a knife. It wasn't animated blood, it was real blood.

The screen faded to black, with white text saying: "w a s t e d" and Marceline's voice saying "Suicide is your only escape..."

And then the screen became blue. After that, i setted the DVD on fire and i NEVER watched Adventure Time ever again. I contacted the creator of the show about the episode, and then they cancelled the show for good.

Credited to MLGBoris2011 

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