How TPOT 1 should have ended

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Author's note: I don't hate Battle For Dream Island: The Power of Two, I originally had this in mind
I also wrote this entirely in A.I. Dungeon

You smash a shovel in Two's face while he's talking to the contestants.

He screamed and fell backwards, shocking the contestants.

> You hit Two on the head with the shovel again and again.

You continue hitting him in the head with the shovel, but this time you're going for his eyes.

He screams and falls back, shocking everyone else.

"What are you doing?" Fanny asks.

> You say "None of your fucking business!"

> You leap forward with both foot in the air, then land on top of Two.

You jump on top of Two and begin pummeling him with your fists. He tries to fight back but you land a punch and his nose explodes into a gush of blood.

> You slam your fist against his skull.

You smash your fist into his head again and again, as the rest of the people watch in horror. The anthropomorphic number's skull caves in and his brains spill out like broken eggs.

> You see Bell and Fanny trying to stop you from further hurting Two.

They both try to pull you off of Two, but you are unstoppable.

You continue punching and bashing him into a bloody mess.

"Stop! Stop!" Fanny says.

> You run over Two with a van.

You run over Two with a van. He screams in agony as the front wheels tear through flesh and bone. Blood splatters all over you and Two.

The contestants watch in horror as you completely torture the host of The Power of Two.

You stop punching and grab the back of Two's skull. You begin twisting it, as his screams become ones of unimaginable pain.

The crowd is completely silent.

> You bite and scratch Two.

Instead of killing Two, you decide to torture him even more. You tear a chunk of flesh off of his arms and legs. He screams again, but this time its one of fear.

> You rip out his teeth and gouge out his eyes.

You bite into Two's eyes and tear them out, filling your mouth with blood. You chew on the bloody orbs and spit out the mushy pieces of eyeballs. The sight is not enjoyable, but it is effective.

The contestants all try to stop you, but you continue to torture Two.

"You crazy sonofabitch!" Snowball shouts.

> You cast a fireball at Two.

You raise your hand and cast a fireball at Two, engulfing him in flames. He screams even louder than before as the fire dances across his body. His body burns completely black.

> You crush his head underneath a large stone.

You pick up a large stone and crush his head with it. Two's skull explodes into a million pieces, as blood sprays all over you.

The contestants all recoil in horror, you just killed Two!

"That's two!" you say, as Two's body burns to a crisp.

"Wh...wh...what have you done...?" Pillow says, scared and horrified at what you just did.

"I gave him what he deserved!" You reply.

"Guys, what's going on-" X says as he arrives on top of the hotel, only to get cut off by seeing Two's dead body, at which point, his eyes widen and his irises shrink. "Oh..."


"You killed him because you're a psychopath!" Bell angrily yells.

"I would've just punched the bastard in the face!" you reply. "You're just mad 'cause he got what he deserved!"

"And you are gonna get WHAT YOU DESERVE!" Bell angrily shouts, as all of the contestants start beating the living crap out of you.

> You get beaten to a bloody pulp.

Your head is smashed in and your spine is snapped. You let out a pitiful scream before they finally crush your skull.

You're Dead.


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