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Cookie Is One of my Gacha Life Characters and this is the image i saw on my kine-master app

Kine-master was one of my favorite apps to use to make Gacha Life Videos,I enjoyed making the videos, I uploaded a lot of them daily, but this one time I didn't enjoy, no it wasn't because of the video I was making, It was because of this Glitch I had while making the video, It wasn't like a glitch where it didn't let me upload or let me use the app. Let me explain what happened.

I was making a Gacha Life Video like I always do, I was planning to make it short but when I looked at all the pictures there was like 500 of them, I didn't expect that many photos, every time I decide to make a video i always expect like 100 or 150 pictures, I was surprised that It didn't cause me to have low space on my tablet

After that I was going to open Kine-master, The app I use to make my Videos, When I opened kine-master it took a while for it to load, I got confused because It always takes a few seconds for it to open, but this time It took 15 minutes, So i had to wait 15 pointless minutes to use my app, After waiting these CRUEL 15 MINUTES My app finally opened, And when I Clicked Create New and set my settings to make my project to upload to my device so I can upload it to YouTube I got surprised and confused when I saw an image I didn't take a picture of, for some reason it was in my download, I just ignored it and closed my media browser setting in Kine-Master, and when I did I saw that exact same image on the Slide, The Image was a black background with my Gacha Character "Cookie" laying down with sword props on her

This is the logo i saw when i opened kine-master/saw the logo

I just deleted the photo started to make my video, I decided to Not include some photos because the video would be too long, All of my Gacha videos are usually just 1 or 2 minutes long and they all include just 100 - 150 photos, I decided to shorten the video by taking away 358 photos to make it short so my video would now include just 142 photos, just do the math "500 - 350 = 142", Okay as I was making the video my tablet started to lag a bit, I got confused, I thought it was because of the storage but when I saw the storage It was only at 10 GB, the max storage was 26 GB, if it was 26 GB my device would be lagging a lot I would be unable to use it, but my storage was not 26 GB, I started to get worried that my app was breaking, but it stopped lagging out of no where, I just rubbed it out of my mind, no I don't Mean i got my brain and erased my memories, I meant I tried to forget what happened to the app a few seconds ago, and Continued my project, I finally finished it after a few minutes and putting the start and finishing intro's and my clip was finally done, i was ready to post it but when i clicked the button to publish it, It didn't let me click it for some reason

I kept clicking it and a message popped up saying "Invalid" Every time I clicked the button, I clicked it one last time and it deleted my entire project, I screamed loudly that it can wake up the dead, I then fainted for a few seconds and then woke up, I just felt like I wanted to cry because my project deleted, so I got back on my tablet and opened kine-master again, but the app logo looked different...

When i opened the app and went back to create project and set my settings and do everything again my app glitched a bit, after it started to glitch I started to hear weird music in the background, It sounded like small screams, my app then started to lag AGAIN, and my clips began to delete one by one, one by one everything began to glitch, and it was at the point where my entire tablet turned off from all the lag, I was about to cry because i thought it broke from the lag, but luckily It didn't break, It was safely okay, everything was the same, except for one thing

My Kine-Master app... Its Gone... I Went to the play store to download it again but this time... the app was not there, It was like the entire app got deleted from my device and now i am getting prevented to use kine-master, I just went to gacha life to use it because of all the trauma I went through today from my kine-master, But their was something off, My Cookie character was not their, all that was their on the Cookie Characters slot was nothing... Its not possible for a slot on your gacha life character to have no character or nothing on it, I just closed gacha life and turned my tablet off and fell asleep, I just wanted this nightmare to end, I wish this was not real..

I started to have nightmares where I was playing Gacha life and all my characters were gone and all of their slots names were Kine-master Gone and then in the nightmare I closed gacha life and the name randomly changed to Kine-master gone, I had these nightmares for a year where the nightmares finally stopped

I am now 11 years old and my life is becoming normal again, but my kine-master still doesn't work, and It probably never will again...

Written by TriIPp
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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