Peppa Pig Lost Adult Party Cartoon Episode

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Hi, my name is Lenny, do you know the show Peppa Pig, well, there is a adult party cartoon version of Peppa Pig that never aired, I am a co-worker of the show, Ben and Neville wanted to make the show an adult party cartoon, but it didn't go well. Many of the adults who watched it was very scared and have depression and anxiety. The episode started showing the outside of Peppa's house, the title card said, "Daddy Pig kills and Peppa and George" except Peppa wasn't saying the title card.

It zooms into Peppa's house, it showed Peppa and George sleeping in their beds, and then it cut to Mummy and Daddy Pig's room, they were sleeping in their beds, then suddenly Daddy Pig woke up and walked out of the room to go to the kitchen, he grabs and gun and walks to Peppa and George's room, he pointed the gun to Peppa's heart and shot it. Blood, bits of the heart, and bone went flying everywhere, then he started eating Peppa's intestines, after he was done eating Peppa's intestines he went to kitchen again and grabbed a knife.

He went Peppa and George's room again, he went up to George and sliced George's stomach open, blood went flying everywhere, Then Daddy Pig ate George's intestines. After he ate George's intestines he went back sleep, it cut to dawn, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig waking up and Mummy Pig was going to wake up Peppa and George. It cut to Daddy Pig cooking some food, Mummy Pig was running Daddy Pig in fear, "Daddy Pig, what happened to Peppa and George?!" Mummy Pig said, "Oh, just ate them" Daddy Pig said, Mummy Pig screamed and ran to the phone to call the police but when she was dialing the police Daddy Pig grabbed a gun and shot Mummy Pig in the neck.

Blood and bone went flying everywhere, and it cut to a distorted picture of Daddy Pig eating his skin, and then it cut to another distorted picture Daddy Pig eating Mummy Pig, then a loud beep was heard and episode ended with the credits. But the credits didn't have Peppa's voice, and then the episode ended, it was rejected by the BBC because of the violent nature of the episode and the adults reactions, it's not available online, no videos, no pictures, no anything of the episode.

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