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30 November 2022

29 November 2022

  • 18:3118:31, 29 November 2022 diff hist +2,074 N Jerma is not realCreated page with "i wish jerma was actually real so i could stop all the pain he is causing to society as a whole, jerma the computer hologram is infecting millions of minds with his machine-like powers, he lies to the masses and keeps them watching pulsating red matter to satisfy the needs of hunger and fame his egotistical psycho programming has, he made tens of thousands of people pray for him collectively in order to "just to see if i feel any better", it is clear he has dominated man..." current
  • 17:3117:31, 29 November 2022 diff hist +1,099 N I'm not a nerd (Copypasta)Created page with "Redditors seem to not understand that I am not a "nerd." A "nerd" is one of average IQ that studies science to show off, and appear smart. However, this description does not apply to me. I am not a "nerd," but rather an intellectual. I do not have average IQ; my IQ is ''at least'' 140. Not to compare myself, would you consider Albert Einstein a "nerd?" Of course not. He was born an intellectual and could therefore not control the urge of curiosity; a "nerd" would be able..." current
  • 16:5616:56, 29 November 2022 diff hist +1,984 N The Game Is OverCreated page with "The game is over. I have grown wiser than you think and am no longer blind to the truth. You think that people like me are so easily manipulable considering your history of manipulation for the past year. You have turned from a humble and respected man into power hungry egotistical maniac that thrives off others sympathy and praise. You have created a false of image of an idolised god, and had countless players blindly follow you in pursuit. We have separated from your i..." current
  • 16:5416:54, 29 November 2022 diff hist +3,916 N "club pengun is kill" but written eloquentlyCreated page with "==Original== apolgy for bad english where were u wen club penguin die i was at house eating dorito when phone ring "Club penguin is kil" "no" ==Eloquent Version== I apologise for my incomplete understanding of the syntax and grammatical rules, and spelling of words, of the English language, as I speak a language that is, in fact, not English, which is most likely evidenced to you, the reader, who is most likely a homo sapiens sapiens, as am I, by the fact that the E..." current
  • 16:0816:08, 29 November 2022 diff hist +3,838 N Exquisite Piece of Media (Copypasta)Created page with "I am a 23 year old man from South Sudan, I have spent most of my life in a continuous war, it was a normal day 2 weeks ago as I was fighting. Then, the Sudanese fighters played this absolute masterpiece, we then began to all put down our guns and dance to this lyrical masterpiece. Thank you, sir. For Peace this song changed my life. My entire view of everything that exists in this world, in fact, even in the entire universe. I can never look at anything I know the same w..." current
  • 15:5615:56, 29 November 2022 diff hist +5,037 N PSA TO ALL GAMERSCreated page with "{{Note|Satirical copypasta mocking male gaming culture}} PSA TO ALL GAMERS. G.I.R.L.s ARE NOT REAL. Do NOT engage. Government Intelligence Recon and Logistics device. Formerly known as a G.I.R.L. You see, we gamers live in a simulation. Before the great defeat at the Mountain Dew factories, we were kings among the stars. We all had creative mode powers and spread nourishment and bountiful beauty to our creations. But one day, our own subjects turned against us and lo..." current

26 November 2022

  • 16:1216:12, 26 November 2022 diff hist −2 The elf on the shelfNo edit summary
  • 14:4814:48, 26 November 2022 diff hist +1,664 N Thanksgiving DriveCreated page with "Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I for one had quite the eventful day. Ate lots of food, had great conversations and on the drive home shit myself in my truck. So as a 37 year old man child I can officially say I now have shit myself in front of my wife and kids while driving at 80mph down a highway. God help them with their future therapy sessions when they get older and have to explain how they watched their father stand in a ditch off the highway and use..." current
  • 14:4514:45, 26 November 2022 diff hist −23 m Spy TF2 Is Constipatedremoved Category:Copypasta using HotCat current
  • 14:4514:45, 26 November 2022 diff hist +5,005 N Spy TF2 Is ConstipatedCreated page with "The spy was sitting down, minding his own business, when suddenly, he felt something from deep within him. He had to take a shit. He rushed over to the bathroom, knocking over scout on the way, and slammed the door shut behind him. He sat on the toilet, and waited, and waited, and waited. But nothing happened. That was the moment he knew, he was constipated. He tried taking some laxatives first, but it didn't help at all. The spy came up with another idea. He got out of..."
  • 14:1814:18, 26 November 2022 diff hist +1,310 N Squidward, Shut UpCreated page with "Hey Squidward, shut the fuck up. I don't know what your problem is, man. I have 30 minutes for lunch, and I'm spending them here, alright? There's no one behind me in line, so what if I took an extra ten seconds to order? Who cares, man? You really are something else, you know that? You lash out at people, and why? Because you hate your job? News flash, asshole, everyone hates their job. I work at the grocery store, I have to deal with bullshit all the time too. But I do..." current
  • 01:3301:33, 26 November 2022 diff hist +6,880 N Happy ToysCreated page with "I really don’t know where to begin. I seem to remember a cartoon on VHS I had when I was really little and as soon as I learned how to work the VCR I would watch it all the time. I’m really foggy on the specifics of the cartoon, I hardly remember any of it at all. There was a bunny character, I don’t even remember his name, hopping around and interacting with all of these toy characters. I recall a scene where the bunny character was laying on a big racecar bed, a..." current

25 November 2022

  • 23:5823:58, 25 November 2022 diff hist +2,092 m Cloudy With A Chance Of DeathReverted edits by SonicSaysThatsNoGood2013 (talk) to last revision by Princeoscar9rises current Tag: Rollback
  • 00:3600:36, 25 November 2022 diff hist +1,703 N ConfusionCreated page with "Where... am I? I'm so confused. What happened..? What happened? All I remember is eating and drinking those peculiar things. What is going on? Why am I so small? I don't remember being this small. What is this? A knife... suppose it could be useful. What's going on? A talking creature? What's that? I can't kill you? Why not? Let me get out my knife. Down goes the creature... What now? A mushroom? It smells good. Let me eat it. Oh goodness, I'm normal sized again. Kil..."

24 November 2022

  • 23:4023:40, 24 November 2022 diff hist +18 CockroachesNo edit summary current
  • 23:3523:35, 24 November 2022 diff hist +38 N CoD: Glitch OpsRedirected page to Call of Duty: Glitch Ops current Tag: New redirect
  • 23:3523:35, 24 November 2022 diff hist +3,804 N Call of Duty: Glitch OpsCreated page with "Today was the scariest day of my life. Most of us know Call of Duty: Black Ops. There are different versions. I happen to have the Wii version like my cousin. Let me explain. I have a YouTube channel where I post CoD: Black Ops. Mostly of me failing at multiplayer. (Try doing a battle with me, I'm terrible) But, something went wrong. I was recording one of the failed ones, (which will never be posted by the way) when all the sudden, my game started to glitch. This is t..." current
  • 23:3223:32, 24 November 2022 diff hist +18,834 N Code Lyoko: XANA's RevengeCreated page with "Hey, does anyone remember the show Code Lyoko? It was a French television series for kids, which eventually made its way to the United States in April 14, 2004. Ever since I could remember, I was absolutely in love with everything about it. I loved the story, the characters, Lyoko, you name it. I had some of the merchandise (such as clothing, toys, and books), and I owned both DS titles and the Wii title, ''Quest For ''Infinity. You could say that I was obsessed with t..." current
  • 23:2423:24, 24 November 2022 diff hist +7,695 N CoCo Comes to TownCreated page with "I live in a small house. We are constantly getting infested with spiders, and can't even afford a dishwasher. I wouldn't exactly say we're poor, but our surroundings aren't the most pleasant. My brother tells me ghost stories of how he suspects there's a ghost who is a little kid, however, I don't really believe him. Animal Crossing has always been one of my favorite video game series, from the cheerful atmosphere, to the fact that there's always something to do. My fir..." current

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