The Sinkhole From the Closet

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It was seven pm and it was starting to get dark outside. Molly steps inside the convenience store wearing her purple jacket and looks so brand new as if she bought it earlier. She walked by the cashier while he was on his phone scrolling through dozens of articles. He was so glued to his phone that he didn’t notice Molly walked by him. Molly grabbed a few bags of chips and a drink and she handed her money to the cashier which was twenty-one dollars. The cashier grabbed the money and gave her a receipt. Molly grabbed the receipt with such diligence. The cashier looked at her with weirdness in his eyes.

Once Molly walks outside the store she can feel the cold breeze hitting her jacket. She gets inside her car and turns on the engine with ease. Cut to her driving in the middle of the road and at each side was covered with pure darkness as if she was driving in the void all by herself. She turns on the radio to hear some news about a large sinkhole that was discovered in Death Valley California. While she was driving suddenly in the corner of her right eye she could almost spot something in the fields. Her little mind couldn’t describe what it was because it was pitch black outside like outer space but she only saw white glowing eyes that looked like flashlights beaming in the darkness.

She reached the street where she lives and stumbles across a drunk man perambulating around the sidewalk while she drives past him, she looks at the drunk man which looks like he was possessed by some demonic force. Molly sighed and didn’t pay any more attention to the man. She opens the door of her car and grabs her bag that contains the snack she bought from the convenience store. She walked toward the door and turned the knob and was greeted by her living room that was super clean and minimalistic. She goes to the kitchen and puts her bag on the table and turns around to just look at her front door. She felt like something was going to come inside or more likely barge in without her permission but she finally snaps back into reality. Molly grabbed the bag of chips and opened the bag to smell the scent of the chips she turned around to look outside the window of her kitchen. Yet again feeling that there is something outside moreover it was pitch black outside she couldn’t see the stars or the moon in the sky it's as if her house was floating in the abyss. Tilting her head to look at the sink that was spotless and then at the corner of her ear she can almost hear someone sobbing inside the hole of the sink. She walks a bit further to the sink and leaned her head and she can hear sobbing and suddenly the notification on her smartphone rang and she backed her head off the sink and dug in her pocket to take her smartphone out. Realizing that it was just the notification of the news, the subject matter was about the sinkhole that Molly heard earlier on the radio.

She settled down on the couch and munched on her chips. Molly turned on the television to watch a documentary about cave exploration when she was watching the documentary her eyes started to close and fall asleep. One hour has passed and it is now the middle of the night. Molly is still sleeping like a corpse on her couch. Besides that, something weird happened. Someone walked by the window. Was it the drunk man himself? Who knows because right now furthermore Molly wakes up only to find herself to be covered with the dust of the chips. She wipes the dust off her grey shirt and stands up to stretch her limbs. She looks at the window for ten seconds thinking of what to do tomorrow. She walks towards the window and promptly covers the windows with the curtains because of the thought of someone spying on her or more likely stalking her like prey. Once she was done covering each window and shutting them, the lights in the living area started to flicker “What the Molly said to herself in a quiet tone.

It was obvious something strange was going on but Molly couldn’t understand why. She stands in the center of the living area biting onto her nails like an animal. Sooner or later she went to the backyard and she opened the backdoor very slowly making sure she didn't make that much sound. She took a step outside barefoot feeling the sand beneath her foot. In actuality, there wasn’t anything in the backyard beside a large trampoline that was on the left. She takes out her flashlight, flashing towards the field and only seeing the tall grass that surrounds her backyard thirty seconds have passed and nothing much has happened. She turns around to look at the window of her bedroom to realize that the light in her bedroom started flickering instantly.

She went back inside the house and locked the backdoor and when she reached the living area she could hear a weird sound coming from her bedroom. She quickly walked upstairs and stumbles across her bedroom lights still flickering. Molly flicked the switch off making the bedroom lights no longer flicker. Furthermore, she realized that her bedroom window was open, feeling the coldest wind that she had ever felt, making her shiver. She promptly closed the window but with diligence because she didn’t want to break the window. And again she heard the weird sound coming from somewhere but where in the bedroom? She looks at her closet which is strangely large she can hear watery drops coming from the closet. When she walked to the closet and swung the door open she came across something that shocked her.

There was a large sinkhole in the ground of the closet that expanded throughout the closet space. She looked at it with fear and amazement, the center of the sinkhole was so dark inside that it felt like a bottomless pit and yet again she could hear the watery drops coming from inside the sinkhole. She sat in a sitting position and leaned her head closer to the sinkhole and then at the corner of her ear she can almost hear an inhumane sound coming from deep within the hole and the closer she leaned her head closer to the sinkhole and out of nowhere she heard a scream coming from outside. Molly snapped back to reality and ran downstairs quickly forgetting about the sinkhole in her bedroom closet. She stopped in the middle of the living area and hid behind the curtains, she looked through the window very carefully as in not to be spotted by something, and then what Molly eyes laid upon will horrify her for the rest of her life way worse than the nightmares she experienced in her sleep. What she saw was the corpse of the drunk man with all his limbs decapitated from his torso. She runs towards the kitchen to call 911 on the phone until out of nowhere she hears an inhumane screech coming from upstairs. She dropped the telephone which landed on the ground breaking into pieces.

Molly treads up the stairs slowly, avoiding making a sound. When she reached the second floor she saw her room in ruins and she couldn’t comprehend why. While standing in between the hallway she suddenly saw a hand come out of the sinkhole and started moving together with hearing a grunt from the sinkhole at this moment Molly ran quickly downstairs while not making any sound. She quickly hid inside the closet which resided in the living room. Once she was inside the closet she closed the door behind her and held her breath. Her mind was now overflowed with thoughts of pure fear as to what was going to happen to her and even the thought of her ending up like the corpse from outside.

So many questions filled her mind as to why there was a sinkhole in the bedroom? Was there a cryptid following her the whole time ever since she left the store? Or was there something else entirely horrifying thoughts like these made her legs shake like noodles? Then all of a sudden she hears the screech of inhumane quality, She hears the sound of furniture being broken apart into pieces and can even hear the creature rumbling throughout the house like a psycho. The creature smashed the front door and scampered outside running on all four legs towards the fields of tall grass. Molly slowly opens the door peeking through it to find out that the creature has left she let out a sigh of relief but she needed to get out of there. She quickly but stealthy runs towards her car and she made sure not to make any sound. In the corner of her ear, she can still hear the sound of the thing in the fields screeching but from a faraway distance.

She gently opens the car door. And gets inside carefully at that instant she can hear the thing get closer via the sound it makes in the field. Once she closed the door of the cruiser she started the engine but it wouldn’t budge and yet again she could hear the thing coming closer and closer and when she started the engine again it finally turned on. The creature leaped in the air and jumped on the car, hitting the top of it with its arms. Molly gets a clear look at it via the mirror laying outside against the house. And it looked so disgusting, its skin was a white as a ghost, no hair and it had elongated limbs like a spider. And then at that moment, Molly backed the car up so fast that it made the thing fall off the car, hitting the ground. This gave Molly the chance to leave so she turned her car towards the road and stepped on the pedal.

She drove as fast as she could down the road not daring to look back to see if the creature was chasing her and suddenly a coyote appeared on the road molly didn’t have enough time to react to it which as a result she hit the coyote with her car lifting it into the air which landed on her windshield making it cracked. Molly swirled the car which as a consequence she drove off the road hitting the ditch and knocking her unconscious.

Four hours have passed and Molly awakens from her deep slumber. And she finds herself on a hospital bed. She tries to get up but her legs and arms ached in gruesome pain she looks down her legs only to find bruises both on her legs and arms altogether. Then a nurse came inside the room to inform Molly that a random driver found her on the ditch laying on the concrete ground drenched in blood. Molly's whole body shakes in fear of what the nurse told her. She tries to get out of the hospital bed but while trying to do so she fell onto the ground feeling the pain of the bruises. It was like needles pinching into her flesh.

In the mind of Molly, she still wondered if whatever that thing was that came out of the sinkhole if it was still out there chasing her or did it look for another prey to lay its eyes upon?

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