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Trollpastas are a sub-genre of creepypasta stories that are occasionally written with intentionally poor grammar and cliched plot devices for comedic effect. Trollpastas will commonly poke fun at well-known creepypasta cliches, varying from haunted game/file stories, to lost episode stories, to simply horrific amalgamations of Internet memes and Mary Sues/bad OC's pertaining to cliched creepypasta. Many trollpastas heavily use established trollpasta characters as satirical devices, primarily EVIL PATRIXXX. While this site primarily hosts trollpastas, bad creepypastas that failed to adhere to the Creepypasta Wiki's quality standards are also hosted here.

... Or in simple person talk, it's a site about goofy stories.

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"The woman ran up to the counter and the Vegetable Man touched one of the cashiers. He turned into a bell pepper."

"Intestines pulled out neatly juxtaposed - Excited to watch them decompose"

M&M's remind me of drugs because they're easy to get, they give you a high, they make you feel like a hero, and they can make you do stupid things. The stupidest thing I ever did while eating M&M's was join a cult."

"'You see, all of the halloween specials we’ve done have been cheesey and not scary, I suggest we do one that will make kids cringe!'"

Homicidal Liu

It all started one night, the night that Jeffrey Woods completely mad and killed his parents and his beloved brother Liu Woods. Jeff stopped being the boy who was and became a soulless monster and pure desire to kill. But, really he had his brother Liu died after receiving multiple cuts and stab wounds?

No, survived the attack on my brother, barely as a vile worm, to bleed each centimeter that ran, I felt like my heart broke for the effort, however, I resisted eager to live, go to Jeff. Then everything went black and I fainted.

It took a long time to wake up. It was in a fairly lit, full of tubes and medicine room. Just feel my body, I could not speak, could not eat, I fed through a tube, breathing through a ventilator, he could barely make out who I was; I only heard a doctor talking to a nurse: ".. This patient may not survive, needs many transplants, his left lung collapsed, his heart is very delicate and kidneys are failing is almost impossible to survive" Those words took me all hoping to survive what had happened.

Then came the day when I would transplants needed, and as he could not speak yet and was quite sedated, I could not express my joy at the time, so I saved it for when I recovered. The nurse greeted me: "Hey, I'm Susan, I wish you the best of luck. You're very strong, barely you survived that assassination attempt. I personally wanted to take care of you because I admire your strength. I wish that when you leave the hospital ever get out. "He kissed my cheek and blushed. He could not deny it was a very beautiful girl, but did not know if he would live this.

It's time, time which would decide whether he would live or die. The doctor told me that as a young strong and survived a long time, was likely to survive. He put his mask and went to sleep, but why even felt what they did to me? At that moment, I felt like a cold blade that pierced me to the side of the heart. (Read more...)

Written by Vampirenote13

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