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Trollpastas are a sub-genre of creepypasta stories that are occasionally written with intentionally poor grammar and cliched plot devices for comedic effect. Trollpastas will commonly poke fun at well-known creepypasta cliches, varying from haunted game/file stories, to lost episode stories, to simply horrific amalgamations of Internet memes and Mary Sues/bad OC's pertaining to cliched creepypasta. Many trollpastas heavily use established trollpasta characters as satirical devices, primarily EVIL PATRIXXX. While this site primarily hosts trollpastas, bad creepypastas that failed to adhere to the Creepypasta Wiki's quality standards are also hosted here.

... Or in simple person talk, it's a site about goofy stories.

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"In addition to his personal attributes and accomplishments, Obama also has a wide range of skills and talents that could make him a formidable opponent in Super Smash Bros. As a former basketball player and avid sports fan, Obama could have moves that incorporate elements of basketball, such as slam dunks and dribbling."

"I was heading to the front door but then I saw my dad standing there with the blood red eyes. He came at me and he just keep saying 'GAMES WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE!!!'. The only thing I could do is run down to the basement and lock the door behind me. Then I looked over and I saw the arcade game powered on there on the screen was my dads face."

"He then saw me, and began emitting his signature sound of SHHHHHHHHHHH! I was petrified so I threw my flashlight at him, were he then began to let out his annoying cry of EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

"Busky Kicks Chris in the mouth, grabs his knife and stabs Chris in the Leg, as Chris limped, he ties up Busky again, takes his knife, stabs him in the nose and starts spilling alcohol and gasline. 'What the Fuck!' as Busky questions"

SpongeBob SquarePants: Rage and Depression

I am a huge fan of SpongeBob SquarePants and love how Stephen Hillenburg created these quirky creatures, but one episode made an exception. I was browsing for SpongeBob On Demand and came across a never before seen episode of SpongeBob. It was titled; Rage and Depression. I assumed this was another Squidward Torture Porn, but little did what was coming my way.

I started the episode and the intro played out normal but I notice a few problems. For one, Patchy was in the mouth of a shark and when the bubble transition to SpongeBob's house played the shark ate Patchy and the water was pastel red, When SpongeBob's house was shown it quickly transitioned to a coffin where SpongeBob came out of instead of his house, the rest of the intro was SpongeBob walking through a DESTROYED Bikini Bottom, and SpongeBob's horn nose was replaced with SpongeBob playing a violin in a depressing tune different to the regular tune. I was weirded out as anyone would be if they saw this but still had the urge to keep watching because I know I've seen worse. The title card was blurry in a green smudged background, along with smudged letters that read; Rage and Depression.

It cut to SpongeBob's house and I heard close to earrape bawling coming out of the pineapple. On the inside, there were cuts all over the wallpaper reading "PATRICK" and "COME BACK". I didn't have the foggiest why, but Sponge had depression. SpongeBob turned to me and broke the fourth wall. "Have you ever lost a friend that you were very close with?" SpongeBob asked. "Well it happened to me, just yesterday."(Read more...)

Written by Eteled34

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