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From 2011 to 2018, the Trollpasta Wiki brought joy to readers and writers all around the internet, with some even forming long-lasting friendships thanks to the wiki. For that, many expressed great sadness when the wiki was unexpectedly shut down in August 2018. But we're now back up and running on a new platform!

Those who fondly remembered Trollpasta Wiki can once again relive the nostalgic joy of browsing the site for pastas. Nearly every page from the old wiki is available to read, from the Trollpasta classics to Creepypasta fails, it's all there intact for your reading pleasure. Several improvements have also been made to the site which makes accessing pastas easier (and funner) than ever. Welcome back, Trollpasta.


Trollpastas are a sub-genre of creepypasta stories that are occasionally written with intentionally poor grammar and cliched plot devices for comedic effect. Trollpastas will commonly poke fun at infamous Creepypasta cliches, varying from haunted game/file stories, to lost episode stories, to simply horrific amalgamations of Internet memes and Mary Sues/bad OC's pertaining to cliched creepypasta. Many trollpastas heavily use established Trollpasta characters as satirical devices, primarily EVIL PATRIXXX. While this site primarily hosts trollpastas, bad Creepypastas that failed to adhere to the Creepypasta Wiki's quality standards are also hosted here, forever held in a position of censure and humiliation from Trollpasta and Creepypasta fans alike.

... Or in simple person talk, it's a site about goofy stories.

For further questions about Trollpastas, Creepypastas, and the site itself, visit the Q&A page!


How to Summon Colonel Sanders Trollpasta-logo.png
"However, if you did this incorrectly and plugged it in, it will instead play "Friday" by Rebecca Black. This is deadly."

The McDonald's Building Creepypasta-button.png
"I didn't even have time to eat fries."

Pong FanfictionTrollpasta-logo.png
"They have families and lives, but those are both just tossed aside like they are nothing."

Later Days Creepypasta-button.png
"He then said "you want me to do it don’t you", very loudly, it sounded so real, like he was sitting next to me, yelling into my ear."

A Close Encounter with the Tails Doll

One late afternoon, I invited some of my friends to play Sonic R. As we turned on the Sega Saturn we were excited for our racing tournament. As we were at the Character Select screen, I chose the Tails Doll for humor. Most of my friends were laughing as they chose Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles, Mecha Eggman and Super Sonic. Later I won all the races since I was am expert at this game. We realised time flew by so my friends left.

I still felt like playing video games so I inserted my Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing disc into my

PlayStation 3. Me and my friends played a few races online and a message popped up to my screen coming from a user called 'Tails Doll'. I opened it and it sayed "Thank You". "For what?" I sent him a message back to this user. 'Tails Doll' then sent another message saying "You won 1st place with The Tails Doll, I was watching you." I got freaked out for a second thinking something was watching over us as we were playing Sonic R. Another message from 'Tails Doll' saying "Can YOU feel the Sunshine?" and sent me a friend request but i didn't accept it because I don't even know who this guy is.

I sent all my friends a message saying "Did you see anybody watching us because I got sent a message from a User called 'Tails Doll' saying he watched me win 1st place with the Tails Doll." My friends sent back messages saying they don't know and with a "O.O" I searched 'Tails Doll"s profile but it said the profile doesn't exist. I immediately turned off the PlayStation 3 and used my laptop to go to the PSN forums. I made a thread about my message encounter with the Tails Doll. Users were replying they also reported getting messages after playing Sonic R with Tails Doll. An Administrator deleted the thread calling it "Nonsense". It was 10 PM so I went to the Bedroom, turned off the lights and slept... (Read more...)

Written by Smartythehedgehog

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