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Hello, new user. As you probably know, trollpasta is meant to be a parody of scary stories. However, lately a few of the other admins and I have noticed that some people don't seem to quite grasp that concept. Most of the time this is because these new users fail to avoid a bunch of painfully overused clichés which pretty much kill any potential funniness your story may have. This page was created in analogy to Creepy Clichés list, and just like that one is designed to help keep your story original, refreshing and disturbing, this one is designed to the same, but obviously make it funny too.

Just because this is trollpasta doesn't mean that you can automatically make your story funny or a good parody/satire by making it incredibly bad and hard to read. Nor does it mean it is impossible to have clichés in Trollpasta. Making the story bad does not make it automatically funny.

  1. Making the story completely unreadable with ALLCAPS and incomprehensibly poor English

If you just write an unreadable all-caps story with poop jokes and EVIL PATRIXXX, that's just plain unoriginal. They add nothing to parody the CPW and overall are just clutter. Take, for example, the story "ZOMG IZ ZGARIEZED BAZDA LIGE 1337 H4X", a story I deleted for being complete shite, but I will leave up as an example of what not to do. You should see from the title that the reader has intentionally made the title hard to read, to parody trollpastas. But here's the thing: The point of satire is to mix criticism with humor. But making the story look juvenille with bad spelling and grammar just makes it irritating to read, not to mention we've all seen it before. You need to think of something actually entertaining besides bad grammar. Imagine if Chris Rock or George Carlin started doing all their stand-up routines in a really annoying whiny voice. Everyone would either be too focused trying to decipher what they would be saying to hear the genius, or just stop watching them out of frustration. (Yeah I know George Carlin is dead.)

  1. Trying to make a parody of something that's already been parodied zillions of times before.

This one is pretty self-explainatory. You won't believe how many times poor efforts have been made to parody things such as Jeff the Killer spin-offs, 'hyper-realistic blood', lost episodes or bad Sonic.exe/file extension variations. Yes, we get it, things like that are terrible, but we already probably have over 50 jeff the killer or lost episode pastas so we don't need any more.

  1. Making your pasta one unfunny sentence long

Again, obvious. Pastas like this usually get deleted very quickly, please don't litter the wiki with more of these.

  1. Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life clones

It's extremely uncreative and unoriginal to make your pasta a literal copy of the Shrek greentext with a bunch of names and other words changed.

  1. Gizoogle pastas

Taking an existing trollpasta or creepypasta and putting it in Again extremely lazy and extremely bad.

Other smaller clichés include: MLG humour, using 'le', Expand Dong, Five nights at Freddy's pastas, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic pastas, Sonic pastas, Pokémon pastas

So yeah that's pretty much it. Seems simple, but you'd be surprised at how many people fuck up on this. Stories like ZOMG IZ ZGARIEZED BAZDA LIGE 1337 H4X bring down this wiki as a community of immature tweens who like being "lol so random", and trust me, when even the head bureucrat of the wiki only reads from one category on the whole wiki, that says a lot. (Source on this coming soon) I hope these hints will help change our status on the CPW. Have fun!

Portions of text were copied from Thread:56930