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Strange, don't you think? These 'video games'... Mere pixels, yet people are willing to go to great lengths to get them... Does it not intruige you that we humans are so transfixed by video games, though we were perfectly happy churning butter or sitting with our families before them? Well, it intruiges me...

Very recently, there was game released titled Grand Theft Auto V, a game that goes against human decency and morals, yet people are willing to stay up at midnight in a line waiting for it, and break into a fit when it gets delayed by half an hour. Personally, I think it is truly pitiful that people are willing to line up for such a game, where you break the law in millions of ways.

What I get concerned about the most... Is the children. Children recently take no warning to the age warnings on games, and will happily buy an M rated game from a store as a 10 year old, usually with the cashieer accepting this, and parents not being concerned about any of this.

Maybe it is not just games, but modern society, too. There is never a waking hour when two countries are not fighting and risking it's population over a unnecessary competitons of 'Who's the Toughest'. Truly pitiful. Think back to a few centuries ago, when there were in fact hours where two countries weren't fighting, when people listened to warnings, when we weren't risking each other's lives over pointless things. Where did those times go?

They disappeared, like sands in an hourglass, lost in the winds of time. As we get more and more advanced, we will only get more and more harmful and destructive, with bigger wars, bigger weapons, bigger risks... If we don't stop this, all life on this planet will end.... And it will be our fault. Can we really live like this?

This is just food for thought. There are many more things to be concerning ourselves with...

Game Over.

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