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See? He's evil!

Everyone knows that internet celebrity Ray William Johnson, right? Well there's something you should know about him. He's secretly a demon. I know this because one day someone told me to look up one of his early episodes. There was supposedly a hidden episode no one has ever seen before. He told me the title, which I will not repeat, and then he committed suicide by hanging. I was frightened, but I had to get to the bottom of this.

The episode begins with Ray reviewing one of his videos. This video was odd, though. It was a low quality video of a satanic worship session or something. The video quality only went up to 240p, when the average =3 video is at least 480p-720p. I was disappointed, but kept watching. The video then declines in quality, making Ray nearly pixelated. He just stared at the screen for 45 seconds, before staring directly at me with red, demonic eyes. After another 10 seconds of this he said, in a deeper-than-usual, demonic voice "Alright. It's time for the comment question of the day. How will you die?" He rose from the ground; nearly floating in mid-air and spinning in circles. He stopped after 45 seconds of this and his eyes just became black, like empty sockets. The screen flashed a mixture of bright blue, green, and reddish colors. Then the screen suddenly went black for about 10 or so seconds. It then showed me through my webcam, but it wasn't exactly me. My body was in a state of decay, as if I had been skinned. I was slowly rotting away. I looked at my hand, but it was just as it was all my life, with the skin attached to it.

I exited out the video in disgust. I can see why my friend hanged himself. After the incident, I never watched a single video by Ray William Johnson. If you ever come across that video, DO NOT WATCH ALL OF IT. Message it to me and we will both petition it and take Ray William Johnson off the web. I'm tired of this asshole and his weirdness. He must be stopped!

He is pure evil and is after me.

Credited to Jabronis

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