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January first, 2012. 2:30 AM

He stopped them… He stopped them from leaving. Our guest were foreced to stay. How could a simple New year’s party turn into something from a movie? Blood flung on the walls, and still fuctioning organs, draping over the chairs, leading back to their slowly dieing owners. How could he do this? I understand that he was hurt, that we were all a bit drunk, and none of us could hold our liqour, but that isn’t a reason to kill… Is it?

I know you can see this… You probably don’t want to, seeing as how it speaks of cases tht go far beyond what façade the human world puts on. He is primal, animalistic… A killer. He doesn’t care if you have siblings, children, a lover… All he cares for is the splatters, fading from red to brown. Some blood, he spares… He saves it. He won’t tell me whom, but there is someone higher than him… Someone who can smother the He…

Credited to Magic bananas. 

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