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you know the movie cars right? and they made something called mator shorts that is on netfliks and other shit and there was a short that got banned for obviouse reasons not that it had no plot or anything that it was weird and violent and cussy and more.

the short-lighting mc.queen was racing down a forest when mator came and hooked him and lightning mc.queen said what mator you stupid mother fucker!!!. mator smoked weed and banged lightning mc.queen on a giant rock multiple times as hyper realistic blood spurted out. lightning screamed as mator laughed drunkely and said your a shit nugget!!.

mator then threw lightning on the ground and ate him as blood spurted out.

it then showed patrixx running and snaps mator in half like a twig but blood burstes out.

it then goes to evil static.

the end.

the name of the short was MATOR DIES!!!!

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