148 Days

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Day 1

The sound it has been making has been going on how quite some hours now. Moving its giant right claw from left to right as if it's humming a song that only its kind would find fitting for its ear. I've tried to pay little to no attention to it, but so far it has proven to be futile as I keep my hands on my ears.

Chained at its legs, it is crouched down against the white wall behind him. The bright lights give me good vision on the creature which doesn't seem hostile.

I try to analyze its appearance and behavior. Black, giant red marble-like eyes, fur over its entire body, claws of a giant mole but legs of a gorilla. The most distinct appearance of this creature is its face. A strange almost beak-like mouth that is entirely organic along with the pale white skin that entraps its skull which is in contrast to the rest of its body. For hours now it hasn't made any eye contact. It just sat there and hums his song.

I look around the room to see what utilities there are. No door, no windows, a small ventilation shaft from top which is too far for me to reach, bright ceiling tile lights that illuminate the entire room as if there was no way to hide from it. The room itself is perhaps only 7 by 7 meters and completely white aside from the tiles in which the chains are drilled.

The only question remained now, how did I get here, and who am I?

I investigate myself and try to find something out. A name badge, a wallet, mobile, anything. Nothing. There's nothing here on my body or around me that can identify me or relay to me why I'm in this room or even got here. I'm not chained, so I must've been dropped in this room quite abruptly. I come to the realization that I must be a scientist of the sort with the analysis I've been making so far. I touch my head. Not bald, but getting there. I must be in my mid-late 30-ies. I touch my face to try to see if I remember anything about my own face. A small mole on the right cheek, a scar on the left in the shape of a line. No beard and cleanly shaved. I must've been in this room for no less than 12 hours. I decided to check my entire body. Arms are clean aside from a scribble I've made on my hand which is now illegible. I'm wearing a nice white shirt and nice black tie that goes with it. Black pants as well. I take off my shoe and I see it's an Armani. I began to question on whether I really was a scientist or an FBI-agent.

Suddenly the noise stopped. It had stopped its humming. I look up and it was suddenly staring at me. Which expression it was making I couldn't tell, but this is what made it scary. I couldn't tell why it looked at me. My heart was pounding very rapidly.

The creature very slowly tilted its head to the right and then to the left as if it was examining me. Its head went up and down, over my entire body.

I want to stand up and move a bit further away from it, but I may have angered it so I decided to stay put. This being is smart though it may look stupid. That much I know.

Very tired, I decide to try to rest. After reassuring myself for quite a few times that he was chained at there was no way he had a limb that could reach over 20 meters, I decide to close my eyes and ponder the next day on.

I take off my belt and use the buckle to make a scratch on the wall, marking my first day here. I close my eyes, holding the belt very closely to me as it was my only defense would anything happen.

Day 2

I woke up with a headache. The floor was uncomfortable and I had a hard time falling asleep, especially with something staring at me with those red eyes. From time to time I would check if it would still look at me and it always has. This creature doesn't seem to sleep, but that is something I have yet to further investigate.

I immediately checked my premise and myself. I touch my face. I still have a mole and I still have that scar. I can feel quite a rustique feeling from my chin indicating that nearly 12 hours have passed since the last time I checked. Was I asleep for that long? It seemed a lot shorter, but with these four white giants cornering me in I have no way to tell time.

Still fearing the creature I stay in my corner. It may or may not be hostile so I'm not willing to take any risks. I notice how the beast is able to produce different sounds despite having such a strange speech organ. Perhaps in the future, before I get out, I will be able to understand it?

The creature looked at me and started to make clicking noises. Every time he did it his head jerked along with it which was both amusing and frightening to look at.

Hours passed by as I was spiraling into thought. How did I get here? Who am I? I don't even know my own name. I put my hand to my forehead to remember who I am or how I even got here. Was I dragged here? I'm not injured, so certainly I was either drugged or I came here on my own accord. My clothes seemed pretty new as well, aside from being a bit stuffy and wrinkled.

All this thinking made me tired. Out of pure curiosity I look up and I see something quite distressful. The creature was mimicking me. It had the same pose and it had been sitting there doing the same exact thing. When the creature finally realizes I'm looking, he just blankly stares at me again like I'm a piece of glass with his gaze piercing straight through me.

Upon getting this worked out and added to my list of questions, I decided to investigate the room a bit more. I think this is the first time I've ever stood up and walked around in the room keeping a good amount of distance from the creature. He wasn't that far off. If he stood up and came at me he would probably reach about a quarter length of the room to way to where I am. Looking at it still gives me the chills and I'm not sure if I can grow accustomed to it.

I slowly touch the walls, tile by tile, to see if there's a way out. Surely there had to be? From time to time the creature would give me an unpleasant growl, going on with different sounds again.

There had to be a door somewhere. There had to be. How else could I have been put in this room? Through the ventilation shaft? It was getting quite hot in the room. I take off my tie and I throw it in the corner where I've spent the night, proclaiming it as my own personal space. I try to estimate how high the ventilation shaft is. About 4 meters high, from what I can tell. The creature, still looking at me to see what I was doing, stood up and walked around in a small circle like a dog would to mark its territory. Upon him standing up, which was the first time for me seeing this, I get a bit nervous. This creature was well over two meters and a half. The giant shook his head around like a bird would but would make more clicking sounds followed by a few growls.

After searching the side on my wall I couldn't find anything. I look at the beast which looked quite puzzling at me, as if I was about to ask him a question.

I laughed at the situation. About 24 hours have passed and I'm no step further other than kind of discovering how I look and kind of knowing the premise I'm in. I look at the wall where I've put the mark to indicate the amount of days I've been in here and I decided to add another line.

I look at the beast, shaking my head and wiping the sweat off of my neck. Here I am, already desperate to have a normal conversation that I even resort into talking to something that may not even understand me.

Haven't eaten, drank or slept properly in the last 24 (or more) hours, I start to panic. I need to get out of this room, or else I'll die. That thought suddenly entered my mind. I might die if I don't find a way out of this room. This shitty room. How many hours have passed so far actually? Has it really been 24 hours? Maybe I've been here for only 12? Maybe I've been here for a few days now? No, if that was the case I would've been dead already.

There has to be a way out. How do other people get into this room? Think. Think. Think. I've checked the most part of the room, all but the side to where the creature is seated. I slowly look at the wall. Is there something there?

I'm hesitant. Should I go? Should I stay on my side or go investigate his side?

Day 3

I checked my wall where I've been putting my lines. So far two, which means it's possible that this is my third day in this room. I'm famished, thirsty and tired. I've been doing my business on the far otherside of the room but already the smell has taken the entire room. This doesn't seem to bother the creature though, as it rarely moves from its spot. Occasionally it will stand up, walk around in a circle and then squad down again once more.

I keep looking at the wall behind him when he does to see if there's anything worth noticing. It's too far for me to actually have a good detailed look unfortunately.

Credited to Beringei

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