2 Other Lost THX Trailers From Hell

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If you though that those R rated versions of THX trailers were bad enough, guess again.

It was a perfect sunny afternoon. I was going for a walk in the park, seeing if I can find something special.

What the DVD’s may have looked like

Just then, I noticed a cardboard box sitting next to a poll. I picked it up and ran home. As soon as I got home, I opened the box and it turns out to be, to my surprise; two THX certified DVDs. One was for Toy Story, and one was for Monsters, Inc.

The DVD cover for Toy Story only has the movie’s logo, on the front cover, and the THX logo, on the back cover. The DVD cover for Monsters, Inc is the same thing, on the front cover, and the THX logo, on the back cover. I opened the cases and the DVDs each have the movie’s logo, written in black marker, on the top of the disc, and the THX logo, written in black marker also, on the bottom of the disc. I shrugged it off anyways and closed the DVD cases. I turned on the TV and DVD player, grabbed the Toy Story DVD, took the disc out, and put it in the Portable DVD player. It played the previews and went to the menu normally. However, after pressing “Play Movie” on the menu, it went to a black screen, thus beginning the Tex 1 trailer, but it was way off.

The first thing I could hear was the usual Deep Note.

While the Deep Note was playing, the THX logo faded onto the screen.

After about 5 seconds, the logo malfunctioned, and it then breaks down as usual (as if it was due to an electrical failure).

As it did that, a light turned on, just like in the original.

After the light was turned on, Tex rolled in from off-camera, seeing that the logo had broke down.

Tex then got confused on how the logo broke down, and he later jumped on the silver line that was visible throughout the THX logo.

He then opens a panel on the "X", and he grabbed out his jetpack as usual.

After he did that, he pressed on the button from his chest, and he flew up towards the screen.

A screenshot from the Tex 1 trailer

He then grabs out his hammer as usual, and flies offscreen.

I then heard the usual sound effects like in the original trailer, which looked normal so far.

The trailer then went on as normal, but once Tex pulled the switch on the T, the deep note returned.

However, It wasn't the usual one that I have come to expect.

In addition to that, the deep note began to get louder and louder.

As that happened, Tex had to cover his ears from how loud it was. The sound was even loud from my DVD player too, so I covered my ears for this.

As the deep note continues playing, Tex couldn’t hold it much longer, and then his head explodes, as blood splatters on the logo.

A screenshot of the Tex 1 slogan

After the trapdoor on the X closed by itself, some text dropped down to the ground saying the usual slogan, but it was different.

From what I could make out, it said; "Tex’s head had exploded due to how loud the deep note was going. You shouldn’t have watched this.". Under the slogan was a URL to THX’s website.

After that, slogan faded out and then the trailer ended.

I ejected the Toy Story DVD, put it back into its case, and put it back in the box that I found.

I later grabbed out the DVD for Monsters, Inc, took the disc out, and put it in the DVD player.

Just like the Toy Story DVD, It played the previews and it went to the main menu normally. I pressed "Play" and it went to the Tex 2: Moo Can trailer.

Then the trailer started with a gray, lifeless THX logo.

A screenshot of the Tex 2 trailer

Just then, Tex drops down in front of the screen. He has a can in his hand which has a picture of a cow on a field saying "moo" (which is in a bubble cloud, as if the cow was saying it), and he holds it closer to show it to us.

He tips it over, realizing the can is empty, and shrugs (Like in the original version). He flies to the THX logo in the background, opens a hatch in the X, and then pulls out a cable from it. He then returns with the "Moo Can" and holds the cable up with his opposite hand, revealing it to have a plug, and plugs it into the can.

Tex looks around for a few seconds as we hear the sound of cows mooing.

Then, the THX logo turns silver and starts to rise up from the middle of the screen to its usual position nearly at the top and shines.

A screenshot of the Tex 2 slogan

Then the deep note returned as it faded in.

Tex smiles and nods seemingly in accomplishment.

However, when the THX logo begins to rumble and shake, Tex then looks what appeared to be a stampede approaching him. Tex tries to fly away, but the stampede ran over Tex and his blood splattered on the logo.

Then the black screen with the same slogan from the "Tex 1" Trailer dropped down, but it was different. "Tex has met his demise. You shouldn’t have watched this." The last "Moo" sound can be heard.

The same URL was pasted from below the screen.

After that horrible trailer, it cut to black, meaning it ended.

I ejected the DVD for Monsters, Inc, put it back into its case, and put it into the cardboard box. After that, I threw it in the closet.

After that, I contacted THX about the two trailers that I saw. I described the logos in full and THX told me about another group of crooks walking into the studio and making those two THX trailers. They said to me that they were the same group of crooks that made the R-rated versions of the same trailers that the others saw. They said that after they made the trailers, they sent them over to Pixar Animation Studios.

I then replied with a “thank you” after that.

If you ever come across a box with 2 THX cerified DVDs, don't even think about bringing it with you. And if you do bring it with you and put one of them into the DVD player, make sure to be on the lookout for the R-rated trailers. And most importantly, just ignore it and move on already.

Credited to DarkBlueParamount2008 

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