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Have you heard of the kid’s show called “44 Cats”? It’s a kid’s show that centers 4 cats called Lampo, Pillou, Meatball, and Milady. I will tell the story about the completely cursed episode that was never on TV.

The Story

It was a rainy day, I was playing Smash Ultimate in my Nintendo Switch, until I saw a DVD falling off from my roof, I got out of the window and looked at the DVD, it was saying: ''44 CATS'', with a poorly drawn image of a cat.

How the DVD looked like, despite being remade on MS paint.

That was pretty weird for me. Most DVDs I own have original drawings over it. Maybe it’s a burned off DVD from a TV episode. Well, who cares? I turned off the Nintendo Switch and I put the DVD into my XBox 360. My console booted up, and the intro for 44 Cats started, but something was different. The background was just a dark red colour, and there was nothing in it, only Meatball. He was just doing the animation he does in the introduction, but it was so strange to see without the rest of the cast. The title of the episode appeared, it was just called: ''Meatball's Wrath '', in which was very weird. It started with Meatball crying in the corner of the garage. I was a bit confused but didn't question anything, until Lampo, the protagonist, came out of the scene and said: ''What's wrong, Meatball?'' Meatball responded: ''You... you... you're my victim...'' after slowly looking at Lambo with a psycho smile. Lampo said: ''What? with shocked face. He takes one step back but Meatball grabbed his arm and revealed a knife, saying: ''Any last words, Lampo?'' and I thought it was a morbid joke about the knife and Meatball being hungry all the time. Suddenly, Meatball stabbed Lampo. I was shocked, but just shook it off. Then, the camera reveals that Meatball had slashed Fibra's chest, and he ate her organs before Lambo came to comfort him. Then, Meatball began walking in the house with the knife, he entered a dark room in which there was Pillou, the baby cat. The room had some creepy and uncomfortable clown pictures over the walls, with Pillou looking with shock. The lights started illuminating, and Meatball was there holding the knife. Meatball said: ''WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?'' in a low-pitch voice, and he attacked Pillou, cutting off Pillou's head and body, leaving a huge pile of organs over the floor. He begings to eat the organs, and then he went to where a female cat is. Meatball grabbed a gun that looked like a AK-47, and said to her: ''YOU CAN'T MESS WITH MEATBALL, TIME TO DIE!'' with the same low-pitch voice, but louder. He pulled the trigger and shot her, as she screamed for help and said "I WAS JUST TRYING TO HELP YOU, MEATBALL!" and went into a slow and painful death. After this, Meatball went over and started eating the cat. Then, the scene cut to a realistic place, in a tall building in a giant city. Meatball got outside to murder the ninja cat from the abandoned building. Meatball pushed him, and the ninja cat fell and died, but the blood looked real. The scene cuts to Meatball goes to the place where Wilson’s cats are, and he said: ''YOU DID THIS TO ME!'' in Hebrew. He grabbed a machete with blood on it, and slices all their heads. I was convinced, and tried to turn the XBox off, but it didn’t work. His eyes turned black, and he said: ''TIME TO DIE YOU WIMMY WICK!'' and Meatball grabbed a RPG Rocket Launcher and shot it to the cat who built everything. He went on a rampage and killed all cats. Then, after that, he said in a demonic voice: ''YOU’RE NEXT...'' looking at the screen, then Meatball uses the knife and stabs it into his stomach. It ended normally. I was horrified after this, and I tried taking out the disc, but there was no disc. It was all part of my imagination.

The Credits

The credits were different, as the chalkboard was grey, Meatball being the only character on the credits, holding his leg bleeding realistic blood and a knife, and the only credits that were shown were “CREATED BY NOBODY”. The episode ends with a shot of a decapitated cat for a half-second, and after that, it cuts to blue.


I ejected the disc and smashed it into pieces, and I contacted the creators of 44 Cats. That’s all.

Originally on Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki

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