666º Bloodboarding

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My friend Tom, and I were looking for something fun to do. We went to eBay ( website on the internet ) . We searched for some "cool games" and the first result was this game. The title said "1080º Snowboarding". We were like "We should get that." We got the game and it will arrive in 1 business day.

The game arrived in a raggedy looking box. The box had some writing on it. It was hard to read, but me being a good looker, I knew what it says. The writing goes as follows: 1080º §N0wßoαRD1nG. I cut up the box to see a weird box. I opened that box to see the N64 cartridge. We hooked it up to my N64. After a minute of the game loading, the title screen popped up. The first thing Tom and I noticed was that the sky was tinted red and '666º bloodboarding' appeared on the screen, instead of '1080º Snowboarding'. We were shocked to see that the snow was a dark red-ish color in some spots, but all of the snow was red. I selected the play option and Tom and I started playing the game.

The loading screen took a long time, until we started playing the actual game. The guy I was controlling was a sort of a skinny man. We were up against 12 other players, making the total of the player count 13! (13 is the other devil number.) The signal lights were on the screen. One second in between each color change. The color change went in this order: red,yellow, and green. When the last color came, a loud sound emitted from the TV speakers. The sound instantly made Tom and I collapse, and we were unconscious for 2 minutes. 

When we came to our senses, we were in last place, which was 13th place (the other devil number). Everyone was beating up. My character was bleeding profusely from his body. When the other people stopped beating him up, the camera instantly zoomed on his face. His face was so scary. It was very bloody, with some of his skin ripped off. He was murdered for being in 13th place, the devil number. My friend, Tom, was so disgusted by the sight, that he went into my bathroom and began to puke.

I foolishly continued to play the game. Out of nowhere,a Pentagram surrounded my dead character.Then I saw that my character was being reborn. When Tom came back into the same room, Satan covered the screen and said our names, and took us to hell and then raped us. 

If you ever want to buy a game called 1080º Snowboarding on eBay and it comes in a raggedy box with another box in it and then the cartridge in the second box, DO NOT BUY IT!!!!!

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