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It was a perfect, warm Wednesday evening that was an absolutely beautiful time to go outside. It had that type of a nice breeze that soothes you after a tiring, hot day.

Anne was enjoying her time watching a Family Guy marathon on TBS.

"Where's my money?!" Said Stewie.

Anne let out a little chuckle.

Anne had been feeling kind of paranoid earlier that Wednesday. She was reading lots of 'seemingly harmless' scary stories called 'CreepyPastas' and they eventually got to her head.

She had the familiar feeling of being watched.She would constantly turn around TO FIND...absolutely nothing. Later Anne decided to watch the Family Guy marathon to get that all off her mind. Anne eventually started getting calm and enjoyed the evening...When the creaks and various little noises started coming back.


She heard the window in the dining room behind her break. Anne started to panic. She felt her heart beating hard at an unnaturally fast pace. Yet she stood still and calm as she heard footsteps approaching.

She somehow thought maybe if she sat there motionless in her recliner long enough that the intruder would not notice her, and leave, even though she could feel the intruders eyes set on her.

Suddenly a figure jumped in front of her television, eyes focused on Anne. Then Anne studied this intruders freakish looks.

He had empty soulless eyes that stared straight into her soul, bordered in black, seemingly never blinking.

He had a wicked smile that rose far up his cheeks, obviously inhuman ...possibly cut into his face. This scared the living shit out of Anne.

He had long hair greasy black hair that hung a little bit past his shoulder blades. Which made her begin to wonder if this was really a man or woman.

He wore a blood-covered white hoodie that looked a little worn, with short black dress pants that had the same attributes as the hoodie.

He was also carrying with him a bloody knife that looked as if it was used to much it was actually chipping at edges, but it still had that new-looking ominous glow to it.

She had a look of extreme-fear set on her face with that extra "Oh my god please don't kill me. Are you going to rape me?" look.

He advanced towards her as she tensed. The way he stared at her had the kind of feeling that he had unlocked all the secrets and knowledge that she held for himself.

He pounced on the recliner, pinning her down as he pulled his knife up to her cheeks.

Anne began to shriek and scream for help.

"Shhhh, just go to sleep."

The intruder said as he started to cut into her cheeks.

Anne freaked out. "But...But....IT'S ONLY 6:48!"

Credited to EveTheAlien

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