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I was at my local video store, Blockbuster. I was there to get a movie for my scary movie night. I asked the clerk for the scariest movie they had. He responded with "Oh, you want a scary movie, do ya? Here is, in my opinion, the scariest movie in existence." He handed me a video case of 8 Mile. I asked what this movie is about. He said "It is a movie about a rapper and his gang challenging this other gang called the Free World. They always have conflicts through violence and rap battles." I asked how much it is worth. He responded with 5 dollars. I gave him 6 dollars for this movie because of his recommendations.

I put the 8 Mile CD in my DVD player. It shows regular copyright warnings with fines. The title screen shows up with Eminem looking at the ground, obviously looking depressed. I pressed play and Eminem's song Lose Yourself played. After a while, it showed Eminem walking a deserted road. He looked very dismal. He occasionally laughed and cried. He was then greeted with a sign. He read the sign outloud. I heard him say "My dreams. 666 miles away." I wondered what his dreams were. He then ran very fast towards the sun.

I fast forwarded this as it just showed him running on a loop. After a while, I saw him rapping against Lotto. I put it on 1x speed. Lotto said " I got to murder that dude from Leave It To Beaver". Then I saw the face of Theodore Cleaver on the screen and I heard him say " It is you who will be murdered, Lotto!" I then saw a knife being thrown from the crowd, aimed and hitting Lotto in the chest. He cried loudly and B-rabbit said " Thank you, Theodore". The Free World gang went on to the stage to help their fallen team member. They then blamed it on B-rabbit. Papa Doc got out his handgun and shot B-rabbit in the chest twice. He went on by shooting Future, Cheddar Bob, and Sol George, each once. Papa Doc then said " That's what you get for being gay!" He then looked at the screen and said "It is time for your turn!"

After that, a screen caption popped up and it read, "2 years later...". It showed Lotto the 3-1-3 crew's  (B-rabbit, Future, Cheddar Bob, and Sol George) tombstones. They were all lined up in a row. The Free World gang's car pulled up and they all got out. Papa Doc laughed maniacally while the others had their heads bowed, like they were praying. Papa Doc said " What?! You feel sympathy for these fools??". Lyckety Splyt said " Yeah, dawg. Pray with us." Papa Doc said " If you feel sympathy for these fools, then you should join them!" He got out his handgun and shot his crew. Once they were all dead, he put them in a pile and urinated on them. He then reloaded his pistol and shot the spots where the dead bodies were buried. The credits rolled and the title of the movie was now 666 Mile: The Spree.

I instantly turned off my DVD player. I ran back to Blockbuster, asking the clerk for why they had this. He said " What has been done cannot be undone..." I didn't understand this and asked for a refund. He said "If you want a refund, ask my boy Papa Doc..." Papa Doc instantly sprang up from under the counter, clearly having a sadistic expression on his face and a gun in his hand. He aimed the gun at me and said "Now, do you want a refund?" I ran away, with terror. I put the 8 Mile DVD in a bag, smashed it up, and threw it in a sewer. I sent an e-mail to the creators of the movie and they replied with " Oh, the one where Papa Doc is a murderer? That is our first copy of the movie. We changed it because the audience who watched it commited suicide after Papa Doc urinated on the dead bodies. Hope there is no harm done to you! :)" No one should ever experience the 8 Mile lost copy...

Credited to XDurdead666

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