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I loved pokemon as a kid. It was my favorite game evar. I don't have any of my old games cause my mom sold them at a flea market. That night I cried because my pokemonz were all gone. Twenty years later here I am on ebay trying to get pokemon yellow. The guy who owned it used the name Cliched_Old_Guy and had the price set to one cent. The item discription read "I got this game form a flea market where the guy running it said it was free. So I'm gonna make it one cent just because he said it was haunted." I was all like no way is it haunted and I bought it. It came to me in two business days, and as soon as I got it I started it up. It played fine until I got to lavender town. You see when I was a kid I heard the lavender town theme and I almost wet my pants with urine. The music still creeped me out and it got weird as soon as the music slowed down and the screen had a tint of blood red. Afer 10 minutes passed  (I was in the bathroom for those ten minutes) The music was slowed even more and the screen looked blood red almost hyperealisticly blood red. I was like dear god this is getting scary. Then a hyperealistic picture of marrowak with it's hyperealistic eyesockets filled with hyperealistic blood hyperealisticly appeared. I hyperealistically puked and I think my pants hyperealistic had hyperealistic crap in them. I was hyperealisticly scarred as that was in a kids game. Then there was hyperealistic audio of a hyperealistic woman saying "ALL YOU HUMANS ARE THE SAME. PUTTING OUR LIVES IN DANGER FOR YOUR OWN AMUSEMENT. YOU MADE MY SON AN ORPHAN. YOU MADE ME DEAD. NOW YOU SHALL DIE WITH US."  With that I just ran out of the house and just kept running a good 10 miles away from my house til I heard a boom, so I ran back to my house to find it in hyperealistic ruins, and my gameboy was utterly destroyed as if it had hyperealistic exploded. After that I found some clean clothes 120,000 dollars and my car keys, aswell as some food and just left. Not a day goes by where I remember that day.

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