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Hello, my name is Alex. Here's a little background before I get into the story:

I'm a huge fan of the Fallout series. It was one of favorite Role-Playing games ever. After replaying 1 and 2, I decided it was time to get Fallout 3. I heard positive reviews about the game, and I wanted to try it out myself. I went to a local Gamestop and picked up a pre-owned copy. Before I left the store, I checked to make sure it didn't have any scratches in it. Nothing seemed out of place, except for the manual. It had pages missing and rips on the remaining ones. I went to the cashier and told him about the manual. He took the manual off my hands and gave me a new one. I thanked him, and went back to my house.

I started up the game moments after I got home. I was excited to get my hands on the new Fallout game. The game loaded up like normal, and I was brought to the Main Menu. I checked the Mods folder and there was one mod installed: A.D.O. V1.23. I was curious about this mod, so I went over to the mod folder and opened up ADO V1.23. Usually, with most Fallout mods, there is a readme file. The readme was gone, and only the materials were left.

I decided I shouldn't mess with the materials in fear that I might end up breaking a possibly cool mod. I returned to the game and started a new game. The game loaded up, and a rushing sound played through my headphones. I turned down the volume because it was earshattering. After the sound, the game asked me to create my character, assign my SPECIAL skills, and choose three skills to begin with. I become a strong, gun-toting, sneaking diplomat and began the game. The game gave me instructions to hold a button to turn on my Pip-Boy light. I turned it on, and even though it was on, it was still dark. I checked to make sure it was on, and it was.

"Strange," I said. "This area seems to either have no texture or is perpetually dark."

I walked around looking for something to interact with, and I came up across a dead body. I looted it and found myself a 10mm pistol and some lockpicks. I looked around for a door, but I came across nothing. After wandering around aimlessly for the past couple of minutes, I finally found a door. I opened it and it brought me to a rusted hallway. A red tick appeared on my compass, signalling an enemy. I entered sneaking and peeked around the corner to find my attacker. I didn't come across anyone, so I just continued. I came across a door and tried to open it, but the game crashed and I had to reboot it.

After rebooting it, the door opened, but to my dismay, the enemy was right behind it. The enemy spotted me and I was instantly killed. Later, I found out that the enemy was a Deathclaw, a powerful mutant that wondered the wastes. I was flat out angry, I reloaded my game and my autosave took me to a completely different location. I was instead now in a corridor with many doors along the side.

All of them were marked as Very Hard locks, so I couldn't pick them. After wondering through the corridor, I came up across a door that was unlocked, I opened it and went inside. There was a terminal sitting on a wooden desk, covered with the bones of an unlucky survivor. I opened the terminal and read a message titled, "I Can't Take It Anymore." The following is from the message.

"I can't take it anymore, Jim. Something isn't right about this place anymore. I can hear screams at night, and when I go outside, I always catch a glimpse of a creature. More and more doors are now being locked, and one time, I got locked out myself. Luckily I had my key. I swear though, there's something lurking in the hallways, and I'm starting to go crazy. I'm running out of rations, and I think everyone else is, too.

Jim, whatever you do, stay in doors. That creature is starting to get smarter."

I exited the terminal and was immediately brought to a new location. It looked like a train yard cut off by steep mountains. The sky was darkened, and it was nearly pitch-black. I turned on my Pip-Boy light and it actually worked. I could see things clearly. I came across a stockpile of weapons including an Assault Rifle and a Flamethrower. I picked them both up, even though my skills with said weapons were low. After picking up the weapons, seven enemy ticks appeared on my compass.

I crouched down but it said I was in [DANGER]. Deathclaws came, and killed me before I could even draw my weapon. "What the hell?" I grumbled angrily. I reloaded my autosave again, and I was taken to a new area. I was now in a metro tunnel with absolutely no lighting. I wondered around for a bit then I heard a limb explode. The sound effect came from the game, and I turned around to see a body with a missing leg.

I turned back around and continued searching. I came across a corner with stacked bodies. I couldn't help messing with them because of the Physics engine. I took all the bodies out of the pile and found a tiny key. The key was called "YOUR FREEDOM." When I picked it up, I heard someone said "Who's there?" An enemy tick appeared, and it was moving towards me. I hid in the corner, covered by shadow. Later, I found out the enemy was a raider. The enemy looked around for me and finally said, "Okay boys, come on out." This was a custom audio file that seemed to have come from a man with an extremely deep voice. 2 more ticks appeared on my map, and Deathclaws caming surging towards me. I was still undetected, but there was something peculiar about these Deathclaws.

They seemed to be wearing Nightvision Goggles of custom texture. A Deathclaw turned to me and immediately found me. I was killed, again. "This is just so stupid..." I commented silently.

My autosave reloaded, and now I was in the same corridoor as before, but now it was strewn with bodies. There limbs had all been amputated, and only their torso remained. The hallways were bloodsoaked and it make the walls look reflective. "What is this, some kind of Creepypasta story?" I said jokingly.

I walked back to the room I was in before and reopened the terminal. There was a new message that said, "They're Here." The following is from the message.

"Jim, it's here. THEY'RE here! They've come to kill us, there's not just one of those things, there's more! It killed Sally today, I could just hear her being eaten. I wanted to do something, but I couldn't. I knew I would die if I tried. I locked my door tight, you better too, or you'll be their next victim.


Alex was the name of my character, so I found it weird that it used my name. I disregarded it, and returned to the hallway. I caught a glimpse of a Deathclaw's tail, and when I tried to follow it, it disappeared. I returned to the hallway and another Deathclaw waited for me. "Screw it," I said.

I ended the game right there. I went to the mod folder and deleted it.


This mod was actually called A Death Overdue. It was a cheesy mod put together as a joke to Creepypastas. It received negative views, but in a funny way. I didn't really like the mod myself, but once I got into the game, I was prepared. I could easily bring down a Deathclaw, and I was actually able to complete it. The mod followed with more cliche blood references, even going so far as to make the entire level out of blood. It was supposed to be comical, but it fell into being a very easy, boring mod.

Well, that's my story. Alex out.

Credited to Azf12

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