A Fair Trade

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There is an abaondened factory somwhere in Massachusetts. It's hard to tell whether you've found the right factory just by looking at it, but you'll know when you enter it. When you get to the front door, there should be two windows on either side of the door. You MUST enter the factory through this window, as there are no other entrances besides the windows, and if you use the right windows, you will find yourself eternally trapped in your worst nightmare. Once you enter the factory, you will be blinded by a bright light for a moment, and once your sight recovers, you will find yourself in an empty room with no apparent entrances or exits. After about a minute in this room, you will feel a tap on your shoulder. You must turn around quickly, for if you don't, no one will ever see you alive again. You will come face to face with a stranger about half your size who has his head completely covered by rags. You won't be able to make out even the most basic of facial features. The man will ask you five questions. You will know all the answers, but they may be things you do not wish to share, but you must answer truthfully, or you will go insane. After answering his questions correctly, the man will thank you and vanish. You will be blinded by light again, and you will wake up in front of the factory, about two hours after you entered. It will not take you long to realize that the man has stolen your sense of hearing, but it really is a fair trade. After all, you'll never have to hear a Justin Bieber song again, now will you?

Credited to Civil Man

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