A Night at The Skeleton Café

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I went to a café. However, this is was no normal café. Instead, it was a café with this name: The Skeleton Café. I was confused. My bit my lip as I put on my crocs and I waltzed inside. The door was locked and there was blood writing on the door. It said this sentence.

"Use back entrance." I was like what? The door is just for show. Gosh darn it, it's like being in IKEA. Good times. Then, I felt the cold air in my lungs. As the moon almost blinded me, I sneaked through the back entrance. However, the interior was, not normal…

The floor had a coat of white paint. I assumed that it was meant to represent the inescapable void and the death of the human race. But, I was just guessing. The walls had red paint on them. However, upon closer inspection, I realised that it wasn't paint. It was blood. Real human blood. There was nobody there and the tables were flipped over. So, I flipped them up. I sat down at a seat and I stared out of the clear glass window. I saw a sign that said this…

"This café has been closed forever. Do not enter." But, how come the back entrance was open? Hmm. What a conumdrum. Then, I realised that I was the only one there and I saw that there were red hyper-realistic handprints on the counter. I started to get worried. As my head turned away, I felt someone touch me with a stench-filled and moist hand. I turned my head and it looked like a old guy.

"Sir." He said. "Would you like to order anything?" I was confused. This must've been a trick. But It quickly turns out, that I fall for everything. "May I please have the, uhh, Bloody Ribs?" I asked. The old guy looked at me with a firey glare. "OK, that'll cost ya, uhh, $4.18." He said, smiling. "Would you like to pay using cash or credit?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'll pay with cash. I accidently threw my credit card into the toilet." I said. The old guy didn't seem so lively anymore. I sat and I waited. The food took around 25 to 30 minutes to come out. So, it was worth it. He didn't say anything after I took the food. I saw something on the floor.

"Is it a skeleton?" I said. "Nah, it's probably a prank. I realised. It wasn't a prank. There used to be people here. But, now, they have all rotted away into this very café. They are begging to be let out. Their confinement is torture and it is hellish for anyone. "OK, I don't think this is a p-prank…" I said, nervously.

As I looked ahead, I saw more skeletons. They were thin and whiter than snow. The eyes were black. Yeah. They were. This seemed to be not a prank or a joke. It was neither or. It was a mystery.

I knew that this café was closed a few days ago. Because of its bad rep. Because of all the deaths and blood and gore and staff. Because, that makes everyone squirm. And slither. And decide to choke themselves with a apron.

I ate the Bloody Ribs. However, these weren't the food type of ribs. These were real human ribs. I was shocked. I vomited everywhere. Actually. I did. Honestly.

This café was really creepy. The walls were now covered in what I presumed was red pizza sauce. But, I looked closer. It seemed like blood. This blood looked like it came straight outta some real people and or person(s). Yeah. It did. I'm being serious. This blood was real because this was real-life.

The bottom line is that blood is real. Real blood is real fear. Blood is scary. No matter what. From doctors to your local dentists. They all know how to deal with some blood. I ate all my ribs. However, the ribs were human. These ribs were red. Like blood. They were called Bloody Ribs for a reason. Because they WERE bloody.

The old guy looked at me and smiled. His mouth suddenly opened. He spewed out this. "Did you enjoy the ribs?" He chuckled. I had no idea how to react. So, I then said this. "Yes. Yes, I did." I said, in the most dead and monotone voice in history. Bruh, I sounded like Richard from Unikitty!

Then, the man. He turned his head. Twisted his neck. And he did the Take the L dance. He slowly transformed. Into… Something. It was graphic. I heard his screams of terror. He was now a skeleton. He said this. "Hope that food didn't cost you an arm and a le-" Then, I snapped his neck. I was pummeled down by the local Police Officers. It was terrifying.

The last thing I remembered was putting a 0 Star review on Yelp about the place and then everything went black…

Written by TheBigLG
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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