A Noodle for my Little One

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This page is not safe for work or school. The content of this story is not suitable for some audiences, and may be inappropriate to view in some situations.
...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

One day, my best friend Christopher and I were hanging out in the park area behind Hardwood Highschool when we sighed a strange figure in the bushes. He looked as if he were attempting to hide, but his presence was clear to everyone who cared to look. Curious, I asked the custodian "What's that man doing there?". "Poor sod", the custodian replied. "That's old Joe Darning, but we just call him Papa Joe". "Oh", I replied, wondering why he crouched in the bushes like a pedophile with down syndrome. "What's he doing there?" I asked, feeling a bit concerned about the safety of my classmates. "Well, A couple of teens who were a bit too into kink beat him down with dildos, and now he's braindead, and dead set at throwing sex toys of any kind at teenagers.". I laughed and walked away, sure he was joking.

I went through the rest of my day normally, until I decided to stay out and smoke some weed with Victor, the local dealer. After several hours of blazing it hardcore, Victor grunted and said "Abofetear un retardado, I have to get home!" and promptly pushed me out of the car, and drove away. "Ok then" I said, a bit miffed. As I turned around, I caught a glimpse of a figure crouching in a tree. Nervous, I started jogging home. As I turned down Panther street, I heard a rustling sound. "Wha-, who's there?" I said into the open space. Discarding it as my imagination, I turned to start running when: SLAM! Something crashed into my head, and I hit the ground hard. My vision was blurry, and I barely stand. I was fading fast, and I could tell that A strange, stinking rag was being held to my face, but I was in too much pain to care.

I woke up, greeted by a pounding headache. What had happened? At the same instant I realized my bed felt awfully hard, I realized My hands and feet were strapped into leather restraints. Suddenly, a figure came into focus. "Duh huh, time for wake wake!" the figure exclaimed gleefully, laying out a long line of ses toys on a table to his left. Suddely, the room illuminated, revealing Papa Joe, standing in a puddle of liquid. Horrified, I attempted to speak, only to find I was ball gagged, the bright red king you might find in bondage porno. "No talk silly noodle!" Papa joe exclaimed in a voice that made my balls cringe. Only then did I realize the he was completely naked except for an unzipped gimp mask and a pair of socks. "Fun time!" he screamed, pressing a button on a panel to his left. Suddenly, I was forced into a bending over position. Realizing what was about to happen, I Struggled against my restraints, but it was no use. Tears started to coat my face. How could this happen? My thoughts were quickly pushed aside when Papa Joe chose a large, brown dildo from the table. He pressed it against my anus, gently at first. He rotated it, slowly, then, without warning, pressed it deep into me. I screamed, and gnashed my teeth, but he kept going, with a hideous smile on his face. After what seemed like several minutes, My anus began to rip and tear, coating the dildo with blood. While he did this, he grabbed an almond cracker from the table and positioned it on my right testacle. Unable to resist, I began thrashing and pulling, but to no avail. He cranked the handle, and with a small pop, my testicle was crushed. Without pausing, he reached over me and grabbed a whip. Still penetrating me, he began to run the whip along the head of my penis. Panic filled me once more, and I looked at him, begging him with my eyes. He brought the whip up, and then back down, hard. I screamed, and cried, and howled and my penis began to bleed. Again and again, he bought it down until the point where the head of my penis was hanging by a thin sliver of flesh. Grabbing it gently, he said "Yummy yummy!" ripped it off, and popped it into his mouth. My vision was getting blurry now, from loss of blood. I would be gone soon. Sensing this, Papa Joe plucked a green needle from the table, grabbed my left testicle, and stuck it in, jerking it around before finally injecting the contents. I immediately felt more awake, and felt the full force of the pain. With a mad gleam in his eye, Papa Joe grabbed a jar of white liquid, and removed the ball gag from my mouth. "NO!" I screamed, knowing what was about to happen. Ignoring me, Papa Joe forced my mouth open, and dumped the foul contents of the jar into my mouth, pinching my nose and forcing me to swallow. It tasted sour, like old milk, but much thicker, and more slimy. I tried to resist, but I swallowed nonetheless. Disgusted at what I had just done, I vomited all over the floor. Dawn was breaking, and light began to spill into the log cabin. Hopeful that I might be rescued, I yelled "Help me! Please, Anyone!". But no help came. Looking satisfied, Papa Joe looked straight at me and screamed "Time for bye bye!". He grabbed a scalpel and made an incision right below my rib cage. Mounting me, he stuck his erect penis into the incision, humping me like a rabid animal. "Love me noodle!", he yelled in ecstasy as he ejaculated. My heart was beating out of rhythm, and I was fading away. Papa Joe sat back, admiring his handywork. Soon there would be more just like him.

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