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I always loved Super Mario World. In this story, I will tell you about the time I found a ROM Hack online called Super Mario World.ROM Hack. I found it on a website called PlayMe.com. It was a online game.

So, I decided to play it. What I expreinced was totally 100% real. So, prepare your asses, motherfuckers! I clicked on the game. It started with the normal title screen. However, something was, off.

Mario wasn’t there. It was only Yoshi. I was so confused. This is what I said.

"What the fuck?" I was super confused. I didn’t understand how the Super Mario World engine actually worked. But, I knew this wasn’t normal for the game. Unrelated note: I grabbed some popcorn.

So, I contiuned with the game. There was a level. It was called Save_Yourself. I thought it was a very funny prank. I laughed so hard. But, I was also scared to contiune. For the safety of my sainty.

I went into the level. Everything seemed normal. I noticed something really strange. It was Luigi, lying on the ground. I was like this.

"LMAO, he must be sleeping." I realised that he wasn’t sleeping. He was dead. I puked all over my newly-bought jeans. I then saw a textbox pop up. It said one thing.

"You did this." Again, I was fucking confused. Understanding this, I concluded that it must’ve not been a funny prank at all. Maybe the game was talking to me. I knew something was, off.

Yoshi appeared. Then, he hanged himself. I felt like crying and shitting in my boxer briefs. I honestly felt like things couldn’t get any worse. But, low and behold, they did get worse.

I saw Peach. She was dead. And so were all of the Toads. I saw a textbox appear. It said one thing that made me scared. This is what it said.

"Your I.P address is 69-420-666." How did the game have my I.P? I realised that the game wasn’t haunted at all. It was just a silly little ROM that scarred me for life.

I contiuned on. I saw a Toad. Covered in, blood? In a Mario game? Impossible! I thought Mario was for kids. I noticed that there was a bunch of screaming going on. That was, creepy. I shat myself.

I saw, Waluigi? In Mario World? HOLY SHIT! I never knew he was in Mario World. But, he wasn’t. He was crying on a bed. A voice said DO IT. And then, he shot himself.

"That sequence reminded me of Squidward’s Suicide." I said. This was not normal. I saw me in the game. However, I looked like a mixture of Robert Deniro and James Corden. Also, I looked like Wario. The game version of myself stabbed Mario.

Mario’s life count suddenly went down. I watched in horror. Then, I shat myself, even bigger than last time.

I was so scared. Then, I saw Luigi. He appeared on the screen. He turned his head 360 degrees. He said one thing. This is what he said.

"Your next!" I was so shocked. I was crying. Screaming. Shitting. Everything. All at the same time. Which was impossible for most people. I never touched that ROM again.

Plot twist: I’m a ghost.

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