A Round Devil

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Alredy five months have past,my family and I were hiding in our house.For five months a strange creature was wandering around our town.Who ever came close to the creature it would devour him.The army even came to try and stop it,but it wouldn`t.The creature sucked in the tanks with its mouth. Nothing worked at stopping the beast.During the night, while my family was hiding in the living room,I kept guard for the creature incease it comes.I was paranoid by fear while waiting for the creature to come.All of a sudden I saw a round and pink figure come close to me. I quickly ran inside my house and yelled out "IT`S COMING!!!".My father grabbed a gun and started to shoot at the creature.The creature swallowed the bullets and after started spitting them out.One of the bullets broke through my fathers chest,killing him.My mother told me and my brother to run.Tears started to leak from her eyes.I was starting to get more and more worried.The creature then started to devour my mother. My brother and I started to run. My brother tripped and fell down.The creature came closer twords us.The sun started to raise.When the suns rays hit the creature I saw the last thing I excpected.It was...it was...Kirby.

Credited to CreeperWolFNight

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