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Hello, Thank god I got this computer working. Yello, Im Jylien, you can call me Jj. You al know the creepypasta about jeff the killer, right? Well, he has a sister. Now, I know what your thinking. "didn't Jeff only had a Brother and killed him?" Well yes, but let me explain the backstory. "hello, is this the orphanage?" A calm voice said. "Yes, who is this?" "This is Margaret, A mother of two sons, and I would like to make a adoption." "Alright, would you like to come over?" "That would be lovely." A couple days later, Margret came, and looked over the children. "So why do you want another child, Margret?" "Well..." she replied " I want to have a daughter so there will be another girl I can take care of, May I see the chidren?" "Hmmm..." Margret scaned her eyes across the crowd of children. Then came across me, a small one year old with blonde hair and green eyes."I have an idea." margret said, happily. "how about in 11 years, when she is 13, ill take her and Take care of her, like a post pone adoption." "Thats a fantastic idea." said my care taker. Now, before I go on, you now might be worder how do I remember this is I was a baby? well, My caretaker explained this when I was 6. I waited 6 and a half years, and when the day before my birthday came, I ready. I was well taught, and very well at self defence. One of my caretakers drove me to my new "home" My bag contained a bottle of water, a book, teddy bear, and a gameboy SP I got for my 11th bday, Having pokemon firered. Many hours passed, and we arived a mile away from the adress. "heres the adress, Jylien, I was a pleasure taking care of you. Have fun with your new family. remember, your brothers are going to be adults now." "alright, thanks for watching me over the years." I hugged her and continued. After what seemed like forever, I made it to the adress. "Ah, A new family for my birthday!" At least,I thought. I opened the door, Which was strangly unlocked. "hello?" No answer. Maybe they went out. I explored, and saw some red liquid upstairs. "Maybe they spilled some liquid." Oh god am I stupid! I then, Finally saw a human being, sleeping on the couch. "maybe I should say hi to the neighborhood." I quickly saw that everything was abandoned, so I headed back to the house. I checked the House again, and the man was awake, streching. "Hello! I am Jy..." I stopped. He stared at me. But those eyes. those fucking eyes. They were white, With a heavy black outline. He had a bloody smile, but the worst part other that his eyes was his skin on his face. Lethery and white. "HOLY SHIT! WHO THE FUCK?!" I screamed, crawling backwards. "I may be asking you," As he said, in a psycotic and raspy voice, "Who the fuck are you?" "I...I..Im Jylien.... Are you.... my brother..?" He laughed, "I don't have a sister." I explained to him,trying not to faint, what happened at the orphanage. "haHaHa...What a cute little story, Jylien. But Im afraid this family reunion is over. Im Jeff..." as he pulled out a knife with dry blood on it. "Get ready to die, Jylien..." "YOUR FUCKING INSANE!" I screamed. "hahaha... Like i havent heard that before..." I relized... "did you kill our mother, father, and brother?" I said, staring into those fucking eyes. "Lucky Guess!" As he lunged at me. I quickly dodged his attack. I ran out the door, screaming and beging for help, But I remember, The entire place was abandoned, Maybe because of white joker here killed them all. I kept running, he was catching up. I tripped over a bottle, And fell to the ground. Jeff was right on me. "Any last words, sis?" He laughed. I sobbed, the only word that came out of me was "wh...whh..y?" He just laughed, and started doing large stabs. My screams of agony echoed thoughout the empty neighborhood. On the final blow, he gave me a huge and bloody gash, across my left eye. bleeding al over. the last words I heard from him was "Well, that was a fun reunion! Ahahahaha!!!" I was out for 12 hours. I got up, my left eye in pain. "...what.. How.. how am.. I alive?" I thought. I crawled along the sidewalk, and found a good abandoned house. I drank my water, And thought to myself, "should I kill him?" Thoughts were going though me "he is your brother" "hes a murderer, so if you kill him, god will allow you to live, because he killed so many." "if you try to kill him, he will kill you, dumbshit." My head hurt, like if someone slamed a motherfucking hot frying pan. "...hehe..." My sanity was low. My mind was gone. "hahahaha!!! He is a fucking geinius! HE can make all of those kills and wouldnt get caught!" I slammed my fucking head. I stared at my scar in the mirror. "This makeover is perfect! hahaha! best birthday ever! HAHAHHAH!" "How can I get close to him?! I have to thank the fucker!" Wet blood was all over my body. I dyed the edges of my hair with it. Blonde and dark maroon was perfect! I heard footsteps. I peeked outside, Jeff was dragging a body to his house, Freshly killed. I could barely contain my laughter. I decided to leave him a note, Wich said the following:

Dear Jeff,

This might be the first note you have gotten in a while so...

Who is this you ask? well, guess. Just guess. Im still Alive!!! hahaha! Yes, its Jylien. Don't worry, bro. Im not out for revenge. I just want to thank you for the beauty you gave me! Its my look! I don't want to look for too much trouble, but I Just want to say thanks for the best fucking birthday of my life! Well, Good luck klling bro!

Jylien, your "sister"

Im not sure if he got it yet, but im as happy as hell. Thanks for reading this, viewer. Have good dreams tonight! AHhahaha.

Credited to TheSadKirchu 

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