A Slender Theory

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You are familiar with the notorious Slender Man, aye? Well here is my theory on my studies but before that, let me introduce myself, in case the Slender Man takes me and cuts this page off the wikia.

The Slender Man, a tall and faceless man with a thousand limbs or tentacles as others call it. They have been comparing and describing similar mythical creatures to him. What really gave me an idea who or what the Slender Man is that Black Suit.

A suit seemingly familiar of that of the Men in Black. I thought that the USA Government might have sent a Man to do a job, a special job to secure an alien specie that landed on Earth unnoticed and the "alien" took advantage of the human host and took his body, consuming him and used his body.

You may have been wondering how about the old stories back in the hundreds? Maybe the same specie of Alien landed and took a man coincidentally in black or the creature just likes dark colors.

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