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Ok, so I have found this stupendous DVD in a shop, saying "SOUTH PARK - THE ACTUALLY FRACTURED". I decided to watch it, and it first had the trailer of South Park - The Fractured but Whole. When Eric Cartman (Coon) said "We had to protect them who couldn't protect themselves." it had a FUCKING BIG BURST OF STATIC! It then had Towely covered in doritos with Mountain Dew soaking on him and onion sauce covering him, with a mexican hat on him called a "Sombrero". Then it was cut to a scene when the 5 boys were doing the default dance with Caramelldansen playing in background and it was raining FISH for 5 minutes! Then it had Captain Diabetes sniffing KFC and using a KFC bucket as a hat even it is greasy! It then was cut to black with Mosquito covered in NUT that made me die. Once I was revived, Eric Cartman was sniffing a cat's butthole and he died. Yes, and then Chef was holding a clock and walked in and said "ITS TIME TO STOP!!!". Then it had the south park credits. Then it was cut to black with Towely taking a shower with Mountain Dew. He then looked at the screen and said "Yeah, that was not supposed to happen." I ejected the DVD and gave it to my neighbor. When he watched it, he passed it on, he passed it on until the DVD got to Boris Johnson.

I found a sequel to this DVD, and it had a loop of Towely doing the orange justice with Baby Shark (bass boosted) playing in the background. I then did the same, and everyone passed it on to the prime minister of England when they watched it.

Originally on Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki

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