A Typical Day in Minecraft

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Ah, Minecraft. For those who don’t know, Minecraft is a sandbox game created by Notch where you build blocks and survive the night. Although it sounds like an innocent game, in reality... it’s not.

As you spawn in a new world, blocks and blocks of land appear in your sight. As you harvest some trees, agoraphobia is lurking beneath your body as you anxiously build a house, afraid of the mobs suddenly appearing out of nowhere and eating your soul in the large landscape.

Eventually, the house of wood is completed. You build a workbench and wooden door and place them. You also build a couple of wooden pickaxes. You decide to set out to find some coal and stone strutting out of the mountains. What a glorious sight.

After admiring the views and getting a little bit of stone, you find a dark cavern. Most of the minerals you need are there: stone, iron, coal, lapis lazuli, redstone, and maybe a diamond ore or two if you're lucky. You mine some of the stone and coal that's in the entrance of the cavern.

The sun going down, you decide to head home for the night.

Suddenly, you hear a strange hissing noise. You spend the first couple of seconds trying to identify the sound.


Oh shit.

Credited to MisaTange
Originally uploaded on January 15, 2012

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