A Very Cliché Pokémon Story

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Before I start, I must tell you that this isn't just another creepy story; this really happened.

I was an intern at the studios where they used to develop the old Pokemon games, and while I was there, one of the developers gave me an old cartridge. He said that he didn't want it any more because it was cursed, and that he'd bought it at a yard sale. Apparently the guy he bought it off found it in a bin with a note reading "This game is never to be played" taped to it, and was selling it because he hadn't paid attention to the note, and saw the horror of this copy of the game. After telling me that, the developer told me he hadn't bothered with the warning either, and was also now trying to pass on the game.

I was fascinated by this story, and foolishly accepted the "cursed" cartridge and took it home. I dug my old GameBoy out from under my bed, put the cartridge in and started playing. Minutes after I started playing, something seemed wrong; there was only one choice of Pokemon: a red-eyed, black Pikachu named DEMON. Strangely, I couldn't give it a nickname, but I decided DEMON sounded pretty badass. Once I'd gone through the beginning part, I decided to head out and catch some Pokemon. I soon caught another Pokemon (a Pidgey) which I preferred because I was going to teach it the FLY move, and decided to call it JIMMY. Naturally, I began using JIMMY more than DEMON. After playing for about two hours using only JIMMY, a message came up telling me "DEMON wants attention", but I ignored it.

Another few hours later, while I was walking around Veridian City, a message came up saying "DEMON wants attention, and now JIMMY is gone". Upon reading "gone" I was very confused, and when I went to the Pokemon menu, as it said, JIMMY was gone. I left the pokemon menu to go and find another Pidgey, and what looked like the evolution screen came up. But, instead of showing a Pokemon evolving, the message read "DEMON: do you love me now?", showing the black Pikachu... with bits of JIMMY attached to him. He had the Pidgey's crest on his head, and the wings on his back.

Although it sent a shiver down my spine, I continued to play thinking "what's the worst that could happen". But, not wanting to upset him any more, I started to use DEMON. This had a very strange effect on the gameplay; DEMON didn't use electricity attacks any more, they were now all dark attacks which defeated a Pokemon in a single hit. As a Pokemon was defeated, instead of fainting, a message came up saying that the Pokemon I had been battling had died, or after defeating all of their Pokemon, that the trainer had died. To add to this, once a trainer battle had finished, the trainer disappeared.

After a few battles, I went downstairs and searched Google for similar occurrences, and it seemed that a handful of people had come into contact with the same cartridge, all claiming that the same thing had happened. From these stories, it seemed the same copy had circulated the country, with each player either throwing it away or selling it. To add to the mystery and discomfort of reading these stories, there were reports on blogs and forums that everyone who had played it had seemingly committed suicide shortly after getting rid of it.

I came back upstairs, took the cartridge out of my GameBoy, and though about how to get rid of it. Eventually I settled on a way that would mean nobody would ever play it again; I threw it into the fire downstairs. Once I was certain that the cartridge was gone, I found my copy of Pokemon Yellow, to try and take my mind off the cursed game, but keep the nostalgia going. I turned on the GameBoy, and a message came up saying "DEMON has escaped". I began to turn around, and my GameBoy made a very loud beeping sound, jumping at the noise, I looked back at the screen to read a message that said "Don't turn around". I stared at the GameBoy's screen, frozen with fear.

Behind me, a high, quiet voice said "do you love me now?".

This didn't happen, absoloutely none of this story is true; I only wanted to try and write a heavily cliched parody Creepypasta with a lot of help from the Clichés page. If you believed this, then you should read the cliche page.

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