A dream about In The Night Garden

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Basically long story short. Im a fan of this noob. IDK why but i feel weird every time i watch it. Its like, some kind of bad, kiddy thermonuclear war everytime i watch it. Though i doubt a massive scary truth behind dis shyt.


It was the night of 2016 i was sleeping. The dream began when i spawned on my house then we decided to go to with my family to a random cafe when then i watch the TV. It was premiering a In The Night Garden 2 episode. When watching it i relize something is unusual. The garden is more darker and there are almost none sunlight like the original. The next is the bed time story music to end the story was played twice. Then, the sleeping theme of Upsy Daisy was played. Revealing all characters since i only saw the Tombliboos. That included the Haahoos. My best fear rank the second for now. The Haahoos look upset then the flower-like Haahoo said "WE HATE YOU" because they were sprayed chlorine twice at the same time of the end bed time music was played. Then this weird graphic bloody event happened, where i call it, "The great Night Garden massacre". All the characters was killed excluded the preprator. Wich cause im the god of dreams i killed with a thermonuclear bomb that was dropped twice. Then these scenes were changed with a fiction unmade cartoon that was in my dream the whole time called "Cat and Dog : Lost on city" where two characters wich the cat was female and the dog was male.


Again, i was haunted with the fear. The sequel was short. It was just a story telling about Lightning McQueen, The evil haahoos, BLABLABLA then i forgor

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