A spooky haunted game for the Nintendo Entertainment System

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If I post this story, will that disclaimer on my user page vanish?

Hello there averyoine. One upo na time, I was a person. Th3 year was 1994. I finally got an NES, in 1994. Yeah my parents were poor. Uhj, anyways, I got the console, and I had to get myeself a game, So i went to a thrift store nearby, and this store was inda spooke. The walls wer edirthy, the roof was falling apart. the shelfs with the gamed were dirty and had spider wbes, and thre guy at the counter gave me weird vibes. I got a game with no label for the NES. The game simpy had text on it written with Shaprie, nd the text on the cartrifge said:


I was weirded out by thri, but I needed games for my Ninetde Enertainment System, so I went op to the guy at the counter, and he said thst I had o pay 100 follars. My parents, being por, only gave me 10 dollars, so I tried to give him the money I had, and for soem reason, jhe accepted. I was very happy that h4 accepted my money, and I skipped back home happily.

I put the game in my Nintendo Entertainment Sytrej, and I was immediately greeetd o ear-poercing sounds. I had to cover my ears. but I couldn't press he start button because my ears were occupied coering my ears. SO, I took the risk, ubplugged one of my ears and pressed the start button. I was then thrusted into the game immediately, ad rhe music was less ear-poercing, btu it was till bad. Anyeasm, I started playing, and the controls eere wab. They were as bad as that action 52 game, you know, like that Cheetahmen game in the game? Anyways, I progredded tgeroufh the level, but then I couldn't move anymroe. I was froexn, and my character started jyttering. Then, he console therned off. Then it turned on again, but it showed a scary, terrigying imagae. The imgae was had a bkacl and red bacjgrtounf. There aws a scary face. t's eyes were wide open, and ithad a mouth tht was wide open. There was text on the image that said "U WILL DIE", and there was music in the background. I winder how it sound- uyeahm, it sounded terrible as usual.

It eventually booted me into another lvel, and some supernaturkal forve cofrced me into holdig the controller and playig the game. It was more scary than the first levl, because now there wss bolld on the roorr,a nd the sky was a raliztic eye (or as eealitic a realtisiv eye can appear on the NES.) The music 2as even more distorted than usual, and I eventualy stasted to smell smoke emitting from the NES. I kept playing. The screen startedb getting more andmore distorted, before my house just, exploded. The supertaturan force kept me alive, and my parnets were out when the huse exloed, so obviously they wounf;t have died. Ater the explosion, I saw the cartridge froat oir of the console. The force et me ho, and I followed the cartrige back. I ran as cast as I could after the cartridge. Eventually, I saw the cartridge go back into the store from whence I bought it from! It perched itself back on the selhf, an it dimply sat there. Then,someone owlked into the thrift stre, wanting to get something. I quiclu showed that he SHOULDN'T GET THE GAME I GOT! It was haunted, and it would make his house exolode, so he made sure not to buy it. He ended up buying a can of soup instead. If you see this cratrige, DO NOT BUY IT!! Ypur house will exple just like mine did.

Written by Mr. Mike T. McBaxter
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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