Abandoned By Dreamworks

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Oki first off I'd like to say that my story is super 4realzies and that you dont have to look the credibility of anything im saying. Trust me. It actually happened. Yesterday. So I was working as a custodian for Dreamworks when I heard that Dreamworks was going to open a friggin theme park. I was like holy shnitzel I get to ride on Shrek's ass! Sign me up! So I went there but this is when it gets weird. I ordered Coca Cola and they gave me Pepsi on the flight. I threw the drink in the womans face and was like, "I ASKED FOR COCA COLA! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU??" Then I got tazed.

So I arrived at my destination and saw that the theme park looked all abandoned. More abandoned than Madonna's vagina. There was moss growing on the walls (which I presume is the same for Madonna) and there was trash everywhere. There were the usual stuff like statues of Mickey Mouse being anally fucked by Shrek but then it got strange. Mickey Mouse was crying. His tears hit me in the face they were salty. They tasted amazing.

So then I entered one of the bathrooms cuz I had to drain my lizard. So I was standing there peeing in a mickey mouse-shaped urinal. After I was done pissing in Mickey Mouse's mouth I turned around to see Shrek staring at me. His head turned around 360 degrees like da fukkin excorcist. His head fell off and orange goo drizelled out. The fright made me have to pee so I pulled down my pants and tried to take a piss in mickey's mouth again trembling in fear. Then... oh god... Shrek rode me like his ass.

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