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His name was Dick Peters. Dick wasn't very bright, and didn't have a job. He was incredibly lazy, and his room was a mess. Day in and day out, he sat at his computer, and lived half his life on Reddit and YouTube. He found solace in watching AI videos. He liked the fake commercial ones, where it looked as though the food was moving, and the humans were grotesque, looking something like shitty zombies out of a shitty zombie movie, but even shittier. The funny videos featured characters like Will Smith and Shrek doing outrageous things. Dick liked these ones even more. It was said that AI would soon replace humans in many different ways. Workers, musicians, and artists were already being put out of their careers from AI becoming commonplace. AI videos were the future, so Dick thought.

One night, he thought to himself: "What if I, Dick Peters, made a video like these? Then, I, Dick Peters, will be among the greatest AI video creators known to mankind!"

He began to work. By work, let's just say he farted around and clicked his mouse, for simplicity. Once he completed his prompt, he began to turn himself into an AI character, and once he was finished, he admired his own creation. His virtual self blankly stared back at him. He laughed, and put his computer into sleep mode, not bothering to close the program he was using. He got up and went to bed, and looked across the room at his PC as he lay. Soon, he fell asleep.

Something woke him up later on. He squinted his eyes across the room, and saw that his PC had come on again by itself, and his virtual AI character was staring at him again. He shook his head, feeling too lazy to get up and turn it back off again. It unnerved him, nonetheless. He kept popping his eyes open and looking back at his AI self, who was doing nothing at the moment.

Once he fell back asleep, he had a bizarre dream. He dreamed he himself was the AI character being told what to do, and he was surrounded by shapeshifting beings and strangely moving scenery. He couldn't speak. He couldn't hardly move other than twitching around. Dick tried to wake himself up... but he realized he couldn't. This wasn't a dream. His entire existence was now artificially generated. He disappeared without a trace.

How did I know all this? Because I AM DICK'S BROTHER.......

Written by Meaty
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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