Aladdin is Dead

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I did not write this. This was posted on the SOG wiki and was immediatly placed in the "48 Hours to Deletion" category. I'm not even sure if it's a trollpasta or just really terrible. At first I thought it was a trollpasta, but then the author posted a pasta page just ranting about the fact that his pasta was put in "48 Hours to Deletion", and trolls don't normally whine and throw temper tantrums when someone calls them out. But regardless, I wanted to preserve this gem forever for posterity's sake before it gets deleted.

aladdin is dead

this is my first creepypasta and i tried to leave out as many cliches as i can.

if you use my creepy pasta on haunted gaming then please give me a shout out

Aladdin is dead

so i was on my computer searching for cool glitches to do on snes games and i found a glitch called Aladdin is dead i clicked on the picture for it and saw that his eyes were gone no blood flowing from it just jet black where his eyes should be.

i said, "cool i will try it on my emulator ",i did the glitch and my game froze so i said," i knew it wouldn't work".so i went and played super Mario world and beat bowser. i said," i want to play Aladdin",so i did and when i started the game i noticed Aladdin had no eyes just jet black like the glitch said so i thought hey the glitch worked.but i had no idea it was evil.i started the game and the monkey (i forgot his name BTW) looked like an imp but that's not the worst part the worst part is when ever i would jump on someone they decompose and then i would beat a level and instead of the genie showing up the devil would appear and the wheel would be a pentagram so i spun it and i landed on one of the points and the devil started chanting a very unsettling ritual it sounded like and then that is when i tried to turn off the game he said no your mine now and then my door slammed closed by itself and the devil stuck his hand out of my screen and said,"your soul is mine". then he started to suck my soul once he finished my power went out and i well lets just say i am a ginger without the red hair.

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