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This is 100% true.

2 days before halloween, there was a video on youtube called ADA.vid.I stupidly clicked on the video and is a episode of Almost Naked Animals.I wish i haven't seen that.It started with the same credits as usual but the quality was screwed up but I can still hear the music, with no one singing the song, which is creepy.At the end of the credits, the starfish was red instead of purple.I paused the video for a while.

I called my friends to see this video but they said there is no video with it.More creepier was that i heard screaming on the phone and said "Are you okay!?" still kept on screaming and hung up.I picked up the phone again and still screaming happens, but i didn't call anyone.I think i've gone insane.I played the video anyway and the episode was called "Almost Dead Animals" and i think i might be really got insane.

It started of Duck having his head chopped off by Pig and my eyes widened because Duck's neck was bleeding but it looks like Duck was fine and walked off and gotten to the trash can full of blood.I almost vomited. Duck was talking japanese after his head was off and I understand japanese.Duck sayed "Your Dead you chicken." and I vomited as Duck sayed that.Pig was laughing demonic like and the quality was getting more screwed up.Then the hotel was burning and came out was Howie and his eye was dangling out and exploded then the video ended.

That is the last time I saw a Almost Naked Animals episode.

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