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Author's note: Before you ask, yes, this is based off my cancelled web series, AlphNation. No, it is not a journal/jornel. This was just a silly idea I had. No biggie.

Hello. My name is Ben. I have been a subscriber of AlphNation's Early Access Listings and WebStuff. One day, I got early access to the Halloween toon, called "Stupid Tricks for Stupid Treats", and I was excited to see how much they made, and how funny it may be.

Boy, I was wrong.

I opened up the .fla in Adobe Animate, and it showed an error saying that it did not support ActionScript 2.0, and I just ignored it as usual. Then I pressed Ctrl+Enter so the animation could play.

Of course, the title card popped up, but instead of saying "Stupid Tricks for Stupid Treats", it said "Bye-Bye, Dark", all in Comic Sans instead of a custom font the creators made, like ScriptyWorld and CovidFont. I was curious on what would happen to Dark.

And of course, curiosity killed the cat, as I continued watching.

The cartoon plays as usual until the part where we get to where BadBunsen "kills" Dark, obviously as a joke, but the sword actually killed dark instead of Dark just "reacting painfully" to the sword and making a illusion that he died as a joke.

Because of this, BadBunsen was scared that he might have a crime-filled life, so he runs away. As soon as he crosses the road with the sewer, he falls down it, and finds a lost soul, but here's the crazy part:

It was Dark.

Dark mauled him to death, not just throwing him around like he did when he was still alive, and ate him. Then we cut to Doom (Dark's brother), who is crying over Dark's death. He says, "I miss you, brother, no matter what happened to us! I wish you could cone back to me..."

He then gets pulled down by a red, clawed, and bloody hand, and it abruptly cuts to him hanging on a wall, from one of Dark's tentacles, specifically the one that was bleeding when he died. There was text on the wall that said "Trick or treat...", and no "You're Next" or anything.

The .swf just stops there, no "back" or "play again" buttons, just the screen.

I decided to force quit Animate. I also contacted the animator and co-creator of the show, Aleph, to see what went wrong.

He sent me this:

Hello, Ben,

Thanks so much for getting in touch with me and helping the website!

Unfortunately, we have noticed that someone hacked into the Mailchimp for the subscriber mail... service... thingy, and added our joke .fla file (you know, the one where BadBunsen accidentally kills Dark?) as the "real" preview to the Halloween toon, "Sucky Tricks for Sucky Treats".

I have figured out how this happened, and the hacker's name is xxx_alphfanruntoo_xxx. He is a supposed "fan" of our show. He has been hacking the website's files on the Internet Archive (our .swf files and extras, including source .fla files), and it's Neocities hosting and images, and retrieved some of the secret stuff on the pages and websites, including the .fla file.

As for the characters, they're still alive. Don't worry. Again, the file was supposed to be a joke!

We will make sure to fix this tomorrow. Heck, we already finished the toon!

Have an amazing day, and you should keep the file to remember this incident,

Aleph Diallo

I told him "Thank you."

Of course, he said you're welcome.

And I still have the .fla file, and I put it on the Internet Archive for people to see. I also learned something today.

Never trust fake fans.

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