Amish experience (The SOG team takes it to a whole new level)

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

We meet our team flying in the team van Areis flying through the air with his other dolphin girlfriend, Nipples was sitting on the roof, eyes closed concentrating:

"I sense danger in my homeland..."

"YOU HAVE ALREADY SAID THAT 50 TIMES!!!" Viper knocked on the ceiling of the van all mad

"YOU 2 QUIET... I'm trying to drive" Marcus said

"Hey dudes, I brought some soda for everyone!" Meds said happily as he opened a can, since it was a bumpy ride, the can was all shook up and when he opened it all the content just spurt out. Marcus lost control and the van crashed landed at their destination Green Hill Zone... then exploded killing everyone.

Okay no, the van did not explode, at least not with them inside, the team managed to get out of the wreck before it exploded:

"Did we leave someone in there?" Bree asked

"Just Fafe" Areis said as he turned into his human form

"AAAAAAAAAUUGHRHG!!!" Fafe screamed out as the wreck exploded in slow mo in many different stylish angles.

Everyone shrugged and moved on with their adventure:

"HOME SWEET HOME!" Nipples said with joy "Everything is how I left it... look the loops are still there!" Nipples tried to run through one but ended up falling and breaking his neck when he was just half way there... getting to the loop that is:

"IM FINE!" he said, he got back up, his neck was hanging sideways, Sexypants pulled out a needle and injected Nipples with something "ZERE!"

"What was in the needle doc?" Afterlife asked

"AIDS!" Sexypants said, then Nipples head exploded, and from his neck came another brand new one.

"That surprisingly fixed it..." Unknown said with huge eyes

"Uhm... would you please stop to softly and sensually electrify my butt cheeks, I thought I made it clear last time that I did not want any more of that..." Afterlife the umbreon told to Unknown the Jolteon.

" not doing that... at least no more..."

"Then who is doing it?"

"BEHIND YOU!" Prof shot an exploding sushi at the robot standing behind Afterlife, blowing it up, the robot exploded into cats.

The cats were not normal cats, they were-

"KITTIES!!!" Tyrin hugged one ^////^

"WAIT TYRIN NO, THAT KITTY IS AN ACID CAT!" Flaky said as he kicked the Kitty off his Tyrin's arms, the kitty landed on its feet and shot a ball of acid at Flaky:

"MY EYE!!! I JUST GOT THE TEA OFF OF IT!!!" he rolled on the ground in pain

Tyrin kicked the kitty into pulp non stop "DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!"

Dusty opened her mouth and Sshaken kicked some into it:

"BALL!!!" kicked another one and another one directly into Dusty's mouth

More robots popped up.

Afterlife took the safety off his machinegun, then moved the switch over to *ULTIMATE LASER* he shot Jenkins, sending him high into the air, he ripped off his skin showing that underneath it he had tons of explosives strapped to his muscles, he used his kamikaze ability and landed right on top of one of the robots and then BAM more kittens flied out of the wreck.

Babylon used his machinegun as a baseball bat hitting all the cats that tried to get the jump on him sending them directly to dusty's mouth, Bree used her blaster to blast any nearby kittens into dust but suddendly:

"WAIT..." Everyone stopped and turned to her "I have to finish my homework..." she sat down on the grass pulled out a bunch of books and other homwork-ish stuff, everyone just stood there waiting.

"So... how does it feel to be inside a robot?" Viper asked a kitty he was about to shoot up with his Gatling hands before the homework thing happened.

"Mew mew mew mew mew mew mew... mew mew mew... mew mew mew" the cat responded

"Ummm What?"


"THATS IT!!!!" Areis was tired of waiting and summoned a giant Prawn

"What? NO I wanted to summon a dolphin" Areis dolphin girlfriend frowned at him "Oh eh... baby you know I only have eyes for you..."

The giant Idealistic Prawn came from the water and shot a huge beam of... thing... obliterating all the kittens that were stupid enough not to duck.

Commercial break:

The author would like to share with us a very important message:

"Does this G string look good on me?"

Back our regular program.

Everyone was like "YAY" including the giant prawn

"Wait where is Meds?" Bree asked

"We said YAY!" Ruby said



"fine fine..." ¬ - ¬ <----- Bree

Meds was hiding behind a tree, he was allergic to cats, he came out of his hiding spot and walked up to dusty:

"A-are all the cats gone?" he looked around nervously

Dusty turned to him, and suddenly a cat came out from her mouth, clinging onto meds face ripping his already skinless face "MY FACE!!! OH GOD NOT THE EYES!!!" he rolled on the ground with the cat going berserk on his face, everyone just watched.

Suddenly a communist general came from her mouth took the cat and went back to her tummy "мой"

Babylon jumped in after the commie "COME BACK!!!" then the sound of gunfire bombs and screams of pain came from her tummy, smoke came from her mouth, she grabbed her tummy and clutched "Owww... I feel sick..." Babylon hopped back out covered in blood and dust with a red bandana Rambo style on his forehead holding the head of the 1st president of the United States, he stared right into its eyes "Happy birthday Mr.president!" then kicked the head away even though he was a cripple.

The team made their way deep into the jungle where they found a base.

Suddenly Tyrin was fat...

"Damn I'm sweating like a cute little pig" said Tyrin, he sat his huge butt on the grass crushing meds, he was sweating a lot, his manboobs smelled like flowers:

"HOW DID YOU GET SO FAT!!!!!!" Flaky said with huge eyes

"Hey guys" Marcus was obese as well, his robes were too tight for his now obese shape, he was munching on a burger:

"BUT YOU ARE DEATH ITSELF!! HOW CAN YOU BE FAT!!!!" Flaky's eyes were almost popping out of their sockets "THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!!"

Suddenly a British man came from the sky and tossed tea into his eyes "HAVE SOME TEA! YOU PORCUPINE PIECE OF CRAP!"

"MY EYES!!!" Flaky rolled in the ground in pain

After some working out they ventured into the fortress inside there was an army of robots waiting for them:

"Lemme handle this" Prof jumped in the air and shot a huge piece of sushi from his canon hands, the sushi was a live shark inside a block of rice, the shark exploded blowing up all the robots, from the wrecks the acid cats lunged at the team, Areis's girlfriend hopped in front, then Areis hopped on and charged at the kittens, hacking and slashing as his girlfriend made her way through to the other side of the room, all the kittens were distracted, Flaky lifted up Tyrin and threw him, Tyrin rolled around the room crushing all the poor cats that were in the way, right after that Tyrin was back to normal "Phew I needed some workout" Marcus grabbed his scythe and began break dancing across the room spinning and what not with his scythe out cutting the kittens, after the room was cleared out they made their way to the control room where they met with...

Bill Gates

Commercial break:

"Anal paste, for when your anus itches, just shove the tube up your ass and squeeze until your anus is filled with our natural paste made out of bull testicles... are we gross yet?"

Back to our program


"HAHAHA-ahem... so you 2 want to stop me from turning green hill zone into a new Microsoft factory... thingy... yes... DIE!!!" he pulled out a shotgun and tried to blast them off, Dusty literally ate the blast and farted it back to Gates, whose face exploded, it was then when they saw that Gates was a cyborg, his CPU was all screwed up now:


Suddenly zombie Santa Claus came from the sky, crash-landing through the roof and landing directly on Gates, crushing him into junk:


Suddenly a voice came from a wall, and from that wall Mutahar came "DAMMIT! SANTA! HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE TO TELL YOU, OUR EVIL PLOT WONT BE UNTIL NEXT WEEK!"

"Mutahar!" Viper growled as he loaded his gatlin hands "SAY CHEESE!"

"Cheese" he actually said it before he was shot in the face, but his face was so hard that the bullet bounced off.

"SOG TEAM! ATACK!!!" Flaky said, everyone charged, but suddenly Mutahar summoned a huge NY cap, a NY KILLER CAP with huge razor teeth, but suddendly Prawn fell from the sky crushing the cap into submission.

Nipples's nipples turned into huge fists and punched Mutahar, Mutahar fell on his back, suddendly Fat tyrin sat on his face, Mutahar shot a las0r from his mouth shooting Tyrin up in the sky, sshaken jumped in the air and kicked Tyrin back to mutahar, in the air Tyrin went back to normal, Mutahar kicked Tyrin back to Sshaken, Sshaken was not fast enough and both Tyrin and Sshaken fell to the ground, Mutahar got back up "HOLD IT SOG TWERPS, I GOT A DETONATOR IF YOU GET ANY CLOSER, I WILL BLOW THIS WHOLE PLACE TO HELL!"

Everyone stood still, they were in a tight spot, how would they get out of this one?

"You are an anus" Meds said

Mutahar pressed the detonator blowing the whole place up but just then Ruby created a protective mental shield thingy that lifted them off the ground protecting them from the blast, while Mutahar was sent into space

"SOG TEAAAAAaaaaaaaaaam-..."

So peace was back to green hill zone, but then an army of UNDEAD SONIC CLONES POPPED UP FROM THE WRECKS, it turns out Mutahar made undead clones of sonic underneath the base:


"FUCK THIS THAT IDEA OF YOURS IS TOO HARD!" Prof jumped down into the army of Sonics

"YEEEEHAAAAAAA SAYONARA SUSHI!" said as he began to spam killer sushi's at the Sonics killing most of them, the team got into the van, drove the van over the rest of Sonics, Prof got in and they all took off and had a happy weekend. THE END, NOW I GOTTA GO TO THE BATHROOM.

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