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I was bored as crap so I went to steam and told my dad to get my favorite game, among us, he said I have to pay for it, by doing chores,

Day 9

I finally got among us game and I played it


I see a thing that say among us video, I click the video and it automatically took me to a mp4 of a vid I clicked on the video. Beginning: the space crew were riding an spaceship to an bigger spaceship, when they land, green said: why would we ever be here anyway? then red said: were here to fix this ship remember? then there was a gui came out of nowhere and nobody notice him, the red comes to cyan then graphically, he tears cyan head off, hyper-realistic blood goes every where and red goes somewhere else by venting, then lime come in an said: OH MY GOD, WHAT HAPPEND TO CYAN! he said, the he go to cafeteria and pressed the emergency meeting button, every one comes into the cafeteria and start discussing, red said: what is it? why did you call us all here, and purple said: I don't know why he called us here. lime replied with: cyan is dead, I found her dead at reactor, then red was quick to blame pink, pink replied: how come it would be me? then every one somehow agreed with red and blame pink, pink was in trouble, then blue called out a execution on pink, pink then started to cried, she said: no please, I can tell you, I didn't kill cyan, the other color space guy take her to a electric chair and place her on the chair, she was pleading for life saying: no please don't kill me, then she screamed: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the green came in with button that connected to the chair, pink said then: no please, you got to believe me!, green spoke: you the killer pink, YOU KILLED CYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WOULD WE TRUST YOU? Green then gave the button to blue and blue said: goodbye pink, you bitch. Blue pressed button and suddenly pink was not feeling her body and she was fully shuck, she fell flat as though she was going to break apart,. she suddenly exploded by being electrocuted very hardly harshly, the blue say, what if pink was not killer, then blue started crying a little bit because he kind of liked pink, then he grabbed pink's leg and exited the room, the others were confuse and they leave room, that part was horrifying, holy crap.


Then the gui came back and wander ship and said: a ship, but this isn't Antarctica, he disappeared, then red came up to yellow and graphically tore yellow apart, with hyper-realistic organs and blood every where. Next up red came to lime and stabbed him 100 times, blood sprays everywhere, the two bodies were found, lime was medbay and yellow was in electric. A emergency meeting was called, the remaining colors were arguing about who the impostor was, While they argued red was silent the whole time, every one stopped when the gui came up, I recognize that gui, he looked like Macreedy from the thing, people were confused at him, then macreedy pulled out a flame-thrower and went on a rampage, then brown was caught in cross-fire of Mac Ready's gui, brown started burning in unexplainable ways, then everyone of the colors started running away from mac ready, and abruptly the video ends, oh my golly what was that, it was filled with gore, so I went to discord to tell my friends about the video, they don't know what talking abut, thankfully I had footage of the video, and I showed my friends the video, my friends were terrified, then I went to contact innersloth about the video, then a employee from innersloth replied with, “I don't know how you found the video, we don't know who made the video but I think his name is John Carpenter, and he used his gore skills to create the video, I don't know why he made it but he possibly made it as a sick joke.” that is all he said, I now have nightmares.


I still think about that bad video of among us and it haunts me, and as I'm writing this, I see a figured outside my window that looks like a among us character, I might die soon. The End

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