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This is Amy .-.

Amy started Running out the door, to avoid her Father, who was chasing her. She made it about 5 feet out the door when he grabbed her by the straight, long brown hair she had. He dragged her back inside. He started yelling, at the top of his lungs, enough to make any one go deaf. "FOR THE LAST TIME, GO TO THE DANG STORE, AND GET MY MEDICATION!" He never even took any of his medicine, so Amy just stopped going to get it, as it was only wasting time. "You never even take it....So what's the point..?" The Only answer she got from that simple question, was a punch to the face. She got up, nodded, and walked out the door. She had made it only across the road when she heard someone laughing. Amy turned around, only to see her main rival, Cara. "Hey look, it's the snob of the school!" Her words we're never true, though She still found it offensive. She hated that girl's guts, and her insults? They we're nothing BUT: Stupid, childish, and UN-wanted. "I'm not up to your mouth, Cara." Cara only gave her a snobby look, and walked closer. "DID YOUR PARENTS EVER TEACH YOU NOT TO BE MEAN? Oh wait, YOU DON'T HAVE ANY!" She knew That Amy had parents, but she only harassed her about it. "Can you stop the act?! It's annoying, you know I have parents, just one of them..." Amy replied to her stupid comment. She then walked to her school, trying to forget the moment that had Just effected some of Amy's sanity.

Amy ran to her desk, just before her teacher walked in. Her Teacher's name was miss Apricot, which in Amy's opinion, was a silly name. The teacher was a "I don't care what you say" Type of teacher, which is what Amy hated. She was mean to Her and her classmates, except for Cara, of course. "Get your homework out.." Miss Apricot told everyone, groaning. Amy grabbed her folder, dug through it for a while, and sighed, she left the homework at home, since her father had raged and ripped it up. "Miss!" Cara said with her baby like voice. "Amy doesn't have her assignment!"The teacher gave her a pleasant look, and looked at Amy with the devil eye, and got the ruler she used to smack kid's hands when they didn't have their assignment. She grabbed Amy's wrists, and beat them. She then, after her wrists we're red as fire, screamed at the top of her lungs, "YOU HAD TWO WEEKS TO COMPLETE THIS! AND YOU COME INTO THIS ROOM WITHOUT ANYTHING! YOU COULD HAVE AT LEAST DONE IT IN STUDY HALL!" Amy rolled her eyes. "My father got drunk and ripped it.." The teacher looked less angry. "Oh, I know your father is... not stable... mostly...

But, it could have been a last minute you could have stayed up..." Amy shook some. "He would have gotten mad." The teacher blinked a lot, then finally said, "I understand... I'll give you till tomorrow.." I thanked her, then we began class.

I went to the bathroom, after an hour of having to deal with Cara's presentation about green houses. I saw something in the mirror, it didn't look right. It was me... holding a pair of bloody scissors, and I had a face, it looked cut, and it had stitches, in the gaps. I looked at it, rubbed my eyes, and just stared. I started breathing hard, and freaking out, I didn't know what to do, or say.. Millions of thoughts passed through my head. I walked closer to the mirror. Then, out of thin air it seemed, The reflection, spoke. "You won't stay in your form, for long, soon, you'll be the way I am... a person, you will slay, they should feel pain, as well." I shook, backed up, and passed out.

(I'm sick of putting "Amy did that" and "Amy did this" So I'm just going to say "I") I woke, in a home, I knew immediately. It was my mother's home, before she had left us, and Jumped into the lake, ending her life. The house was the same one me and my father lived in... before he started drinking, it was much neater, my bed smelled like fresh flowers. Unlike the one I'm used to, which smells horrible. I walked around the house, it looked very neat. I looked into the kitchen, It was much better than the one in my house with only my father and me. The table was cleaned off, there was a pot of roses, But my own table had bottles and a broken flower pot. Then I saw it, the family I had remembered. my mother was cooking what looked like eggs. My father was at the table reading the news paper. It was the family I had always wanted. My old father looked up. I started to smile. But It wasn't the same, my father screamed, like he always does, and my mother, was crying, and walked to the sink filled with water, put her head in, and kept it in until she fell on the floor. I was terrified. Then I saw the reflection again, she was waving her scissors, and said, "Your past was a graceful dream, but now, it's a terrible world for you."

I woke up, in the nurses office, I saw some other student's gathering around me. I saw Cara, She was laughing, looking at her phone. Some other students started laughing as well. I raised up, and stood up. I looked at someone's phone, I thought it was kinda dumb, they we're looking at a llama. Then Cara called me over. "Hey Amy! Can you come to the girl's bath room tonight? 12:00!" I just stared, and nodded.

It was 12:00, I walked into the girl's bathroom. I didn't see anyone. I thought it was all a big joke, just to waste my life. I felt someone grab my arm, and shove me into a wall. They we're in all black, they pulled out a pair of scissors. They Put it up to my jaws and cut them, ear to ear. They then cut cut straight up, under my eyes.

I kicked them, and took off running. I ran in my house, my dad standing up. I ignored him. I looked in the mirror, scared of my face. I got a needle and thread. I sewed the gashes. My face was burning. My father kicked the door down, and screamed. I grabbed the scissors from the kit, and cut his face.

I ran out the door. And ran to Cara's house, I knew where it was, since I had watched her walk home sometimes. I climbed in her window. She was sleeping. I went up to her, got the scissors, and cut her face, just like mine was cut. I walked out, I heard her screams from miles away. I didn't care, I only laughed.

I came to school the next day, did the same to my whole class. I escaped through the wood area at the back of town.

Credited to YaGalHarper

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