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Please believe me, this story is true. I wanted to relive the nostalgia of my past, so I decided to go and look for Mega Man 2. I couldn't find the game anywhere. Finally, I went to a yard sale a week later and a middle-aged man gave me Mega Man 2 for free. He said he was a great hacker in his day, and he went crazy one day and hacked the game. By the looks of him, he was pretty crazy. He said I could have the game free of charge. He said he never wanted to see it again. I wondered why he said that, but nonetheless, I got the game.

Lo and behold, I popped the cartridge into the old, dusty NES that I shared my precious memories with. I was in euphoria the moment I pressed the power button and the television blinked on. Everything seemed normal first. Alas, I saw the bosses screen. I flipped out and vomited all over the NES. The bosses were bloody and their hands were covered in bloody blood. I tried to turn the NES off, but it wouldn't turn off.

In the level, it was raining blood. All the enemies were covered in gore and their innerds on a post. I tried to move, but nothing happened. All I could see was bloody blood everywhere and the boss was a blood monster covered in bloody blood and he ate me in the game and ate me in real life. Mega Man and I became bloody blood monsters. When I became human again, I went to the house of the guy who sold me the game.

He was gone and his house was layered in bloody blood particles. I tried to destroy the game multiple times but it kept reappearing. YOU'RE NEXT!!!

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