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Andy was a girl who hated people who judged others. She hated how they didn't take the Time to get to know them, pushed them around talk shit about them. It was Christmas break school wouldn't start until about a month after, Andy was determined to change and help those who were always pushed away, she told her friend that she wanted to change, so she did.  Andy had long dark brown hair, Andy grew tired of it so she decided to cut her hair like scene. Andy started to hate everybody who'd say things to her. She had changed "she's gone dark" said some of her old friends she ignored them and walked on with her new friends she started to get scremo she loved it Suicide Silence was her favorite scremo band her most favorite song was "Hands of a killer" she knew then, she'd become a killer. She started to become mean, meaner then shed ever been, she looked up serial killers one name caught her eye Jeff The Killer, she read the story understood and became obsessed with Jeff she wanted him, she adored him. She Loved Him. Andy wanted to be just like Jeff she wanted the smile he had, and she always says "Jeff you are Beautiful"  Andy thought and thought of all the blood of those stupid preps at school and smiled very big, "i've got you now motherfuckers"  Now Andy knew she wouldn't be scary with the face she had so she slit the side of her face almost like a Chelsea smile but she didn't cut the other side, she was careful not to wake any family members with her whimpers, she drew black circles around her eyes, she already had dark circles from all the sleepless nights from before.  Andy always carried around candy corn to eat while watching her victims die slowly and painfully she laughed and laughed uncontrollably, got up smiled walked away and looked back one last time and threw candy corn at her victims, she thought if she love candy corn so would they. Each month passed by with a small reputation she never went home, she thought she wouldn't be loved. Police reported her missing, eventually after three months they gave up looking for her, she thought it'd be a year before they gave in...."I guess not" she thought.  That night she went home, everyone was sound asleep,she crept around trying to figure where the living room was, she passed by to her room opened the door and to her surprise everything of hers was gone. She never felt so unloved in her life before she couldn't hold back her tears,  she cried for a few minutes then ran out of her room went to the other room, there were her parents sleeping it'd be about two hours before they woke,she walked to the kitchen to grab the sharpest knife. She silently started gutting the closest one to her, her father next her mom. She was pleased her eyes makeup ruined, something in her changed she had no pity for them she cut and cut blood everywhere and as they Lay dying she ate candy corn threw some at them left their room made her way to the other room and without hesitation stabbed the two adults 37 times in the chest,threw candy, left. Finally to her room she went there they were her brother and sister sleeping they looked happy, happy with relief, because she was gone?  She stood there looking staring at them with cold eyes and whispered "are you happy that I'm gone?" She grinned for a second then jumped on her sister covered her mouth and asked "do you have candy corn?" With the sweetest face ever, her sister was terrified of Andy, she screamed waking her brother up, he grabbed Andy and threw her against the wall, her brother pulled Andy's sister to the back of him and looked steadily at Andy who laughed uncontrollably and asked "do you not know who i am?" Laughing at them, her brother gasped and said "Andy" her brother and sister started crying, they asked "where she had been who did this to you?" Andy ignored them walked away and yelled "you all look so happy without me!! What does it matter?!" She started to throw knives as if she were playing darts, she hit her brother on the left shoulder. her sister asked "what happened to mom and dad?" She laughed evilly and said "They're dead, I killed them" they backed away from her and tried dialing 911 it didn't work. Then she asked  "What about "James and Jaden?"  "They're dead two, and now it's time for you to die" She threw a knife and it hit on her chest Andy laughed and laughed and all thought outt the whole night she sang "All Around the Mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel the monkey thought twass all fun, POP GOES THE WEASEL" she had killed her sister. Her brother still with a knofe in his shoulder gave up and said"kill me for you have already killed Marlin" and as quick as a blink slit her brothers neck and of corse threw candy corn at the dead corpses. since cops found out mor about Andy they'd post signs and pictures the best they could of Andy and it had said "WANTED Andy Kills, Candy Corn Queen"  every halloween she goes out looking herself and buys many bags of candycornn, to enjoy while killng hundreds of people.

~Do you have any CandyCorn

Credited to Andyquinn

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