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I assume you know the game Angry Birds. Angry Birds has a handful of toys, clothing, and even their own cartoon and movie, which will get a sequel in 2020.

There are many apps to play. For example, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio (Rio is a 2011 animated film about birds) and many more are the ones where you sling your bird to the pigs. There is racing in Angry Birds GO, RPG battling in Angry Birds Fight and Angry Birds Epic, bubble shooting in Angry Birds POP, and many more which I don't have time to tell you.

Now, Stella (the pink bird) got her own app and cartoon in 2014. In fact Angry Birds POP was originally Angry Birds Stella POP. She is probably the only Angry Bird with a game of her own. Anyways, my favorite bird is Chuck (the speedy yellow bird). He deserves more respect then he gets.

Well I tried looking for an App about Chuck on my phone and computer. Finally, I found an app on this website called, which as of 2015 the website is defunct. The game was called Angry Birds Chuck. There was an Angry Birds Matilda and Angry Birds Bomb as well, but I got Chuck for free.

I made a computer icon for it as well. The picture had Chuck smiling in a very eerie way. I clicked it and the Rovio logo popped up and it looked normal. The Rovio copyright notice is below it, like other games from Rovio. Then the screen which was a white background with a bunch of Chucks flying everywhere. The options on the screen were "Play", "Set Up" and the most odd one, "Self Destruct".

I clicked Play and into the game I was. The game's first cutscene was animated (like the cartoon show) and had red and Chuck walking or hopping as they did. Then a Pig pushed Red into a rose bush with thorns. He was dead and bleeding in many areas. This freaked me out. There was no way Angry Birds would go that far.

After that the game began. It was a battle which was like Angry Birds Epic. My only fighter was Chuck. The pig had a knife in his hand. Every time it was the Pigs turn to fight he just hit me with a sandbag. But the 3rd time he did he stabbed me which almost deprived my health completely. Chuck was even bleeding so I made him use the Mighty Eagle. He ripped apart the Pig into a horrible bloody gut mess. I started to throw up everywhere.

After this I exited the game. "Maybe it's an error." I thought, so I asked my mom to eat and we went to Taco Bell and Walmart. When we got back and finished helping my mom putting the groceries away, I went to play the game.

This time things were even worse. The background became red and corpses of dead Pigs and dead Chucks flew through the air. I clicked play again. This time, I went to Level 2. The level begins with Chuck fighting against King Pig in an Angry birds Fight way. After I mixed all the lightning bolts and Chucks in the time I beat up King Pig mercilessly until all of his health exploded into a giant bloody and slimy mess.

Intestines and organs were splattered everywhere. Green guts of the pig were slimed as well. I threw up blood after this. I even started to get mad.

Then the final animated cutscene occurred. Chuck went up to the corpse of Red and started to rip out his beak and organs and put on Red's body.

He left saying in a demonic voice "IT'S THE CIRCLE OF LIFE!" The screen went blank.

Credited to Gumball4eva

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