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this was posted last year on creepypasta wiki by some guy called "jeffgames47".it was taken down due to clichés.

the story

i am a gigantic fan of angry birds. i play it for hours on end,nonstop,rarely taking a break. one day,after i ate my breakfstt by angry birds cereal (yes,that is a real thing) i ran right up stairs to my android phone to go play angry birds. however,the usual angry birds icon was replaced with an image of the black bomb bird. below it,it read "angrybirdsdamned" rather then "angrybirdss". i assumed it was an easter egg and clicked on. i went to level 1,having forgotten to save my progress the previous night. it skipped the usual slideshow and went right to the game. it looked tougher then usual and my bird seemed to be...crying. i launched the bird and i lost the level. but instead of the usual game over screen it cut to white for 5.2 seconds and then a text box appeared reading,"turn back". below it was one button,it read hell. i clicked it. it cut back t level 1,but there was hyper realistic blood everywhere and instead of level 1 it read level 666. in the game was frozen. the audio was gone. it stayed on the screen for anther 5.2 sends before cutting to an image of the pig king,but he had no eyes or mouth,but empty eyesocketss. just then,a bloodcurdling scream came out of the speakers and the game deleted itself. 

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