Animal Axe

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This is the creepypasta called Animal Axe. Its an Animal Crossing Creepypasta. This game is for the game cube. I was at this estate sale with my mom. I found this clear gamecube game box, but it said Animal Crossing in black sharpie. I asked my mom if i can buy it and she said yes. I saw the price and only cost $5. I went to the cleark to buy it and she looked worried when starring at the box. She said"' just take it". I got exictied when i got home. I turned on the tv and started up my gamecube. I put the disc inside it. The starting screen showed up. I started a new town. I put in Greenwood but rover asked me this instead I will kill you. Thats what ended up being my town name. I saw blood on tom nook. After i choose my house, skelotons were laying dead on the side walk. There were tombstones as well. I reseted the system and went back onto the game. Then Resetti came in front of my house. His pickaxe was covered in blood. Then attacks my person with his pick axe and my person dies. Laying on the ground then his skeloton lies there. The screen fades away. I took out the disc and threw the disc away. If you are Someoranialgaming can you do this creepypasta. My name is Mark.

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