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Hello everyone, I really need advice on this. I had never came across this before, but...I need to share it with you.

This is the experience on my computer, I keep having this Mac error message saying ERROR: Anohe. I didn't know what that meant. I have diary this here for all of you to see.

I had a diary, I posted some stuff on it about life, and the future...but in 2011...

Day 1 of Anohe: OYUS COMPLETED HL2!! But something strange happened. When I saved my game, HL2 shut down just after and there was no Error Message and all that stuff. I had a new steam game in my games list, it was called Anohe. I must have thought it was a time gift but not. When I clicked on it it looked a lot like HD and 1080p. The weird thing was it was made in the year 0. I didn't care. So I clicked on it. It was mac only which was weird too. I was brought to the HL2: EP2 menu screen but the title and ALL options were named Anohe. The game went out of browser and I was automatically sent to Safari (Safari is the Mac browser y'know.) Safari said it needed to update but the icon was replaced with a Final Cut Pro icon. I had never lol'd so hard ever in my life until that time. After three minutes of chuckling, I had fear in myself. It was bedtime and it was 21:19 PM so I went to bed.

Day 2: I heard an alarm at near 2:00 this morning and only my brother woke up, so he checked what was downstairs and it was coming from the computer but it changed alarms to something creepy. My brother ran upstairs as fast as he could and hid in my bedroom with the door closed. I am going to post some more soon.

created by some roblox fuckshit.

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