Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Murderous Meatwad

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Author's note: Guess who’s back. Back again.

You guys ever heard of Aqua Teen Hunger Force? The show about a milkshake, a box of fries, and an adorable meatball? (And their neighbor Carl of course). Well I was devastated when it was cancelled, as it was my favorite TV show of all time. But recently Adult Swim posted a clip for the upcoming movie. I clicked immediately.

Hilariously enough, it had nothing to do with the movie. But considering that they like to joke around with fans, I wasn’t too mad. It began with Shake being lazy as per usual, watching TV. Frylock said he needed help with something, so Shake asked, “WHAT?!?!?” Frylock said Meatwad hadn’t woken up all morning. Shake said, “Everyone sleeps in sometimes!”

What Meatwad looked like

Meatwad woke up completely expressionless. Frylock asked Meatwad how he was doing and he said, “The end of the world is coming,” in a monotonous version of Meatwad’s voice. Shake disregarded it and kept watching TV. Frylock asked him what he wanted for breakfast, and Meatwad said, “Suffering.” He went over to Carl’s house and rang the bell.

“What the hell do you want, meatman?” Carl asked. Meatwad transformed into possibly the most horrifying thing I have seen in my lifetime.

Carl said, “Hey meatman! No hard feelings!” Meatwad ripped Carl’s leg off and started eating it. Hyper realistic blood started flowing from the leg, more realistic than it could ever be. Carl screamed in horror, and Meatwad started consuming the rest of his body. He returned to the Aqua Teen’s house and said, “Breakfast is taken care of,” and BURPED OUT CARL’S DECAYING HEAD. Shake was horrified, which says something. And Frylock told Shake to stand back. He pulled out a shotgun, but Meatwad absorbed the bullets a-la blob fashion. He opened his jaw to reveal two large tentacles, and started eating the living shit out of Shake and Frylock.

It cut to Dr. Weird’s laboratory. As disturbing as the episode was, it was nice to see Dr. Weird and Steve again.

He said, “GENTLEMEN, I HAVE FOUND THE LOCATION OF THE AQUA TEEN’S HOUSEHOLD!” Steve said, “We already know the location.” “NO WE DIDN’T! MWAHAHAHA!”

Meatwad busted in and started roaring. Steve tried to run, but he was so scared that a skeleton popped out of his head. Meatwad cornered Dr. Weird and bit his head clean off. He then POPPED OUT OF MY TV, TORE OFF MY ARMS AND ATE ME AND MY HOUSE ALIVE.


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