Arthur Lost episode: she Forgot to Eat Her Veggies

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DW saying she doesn't want to eat her veggies

We start with a 23 year old lady named Lily in December of 2015. She works at a coffee shop across the street from her house. She had been saving for a while and decided to use her 7 sick days to go visit her grandma for Christmas. Ever since her grandpa passed away it’s been hard for old granny Rosey. When Lily arrived she was greeted with a hug from her grandma and a batch of fresh chocolate chips.

The cookies and the whole house for that matter smelled like that classic “grandma making cookies smell.” They sit down and decide to watch their favorite show, Saturday Night Live. They always laughed and would fall asleep to it because they would just watch until they were so tired that blinking was a risk. When Lily turned to grandma she was red and laughing and it made Lily laugh. So they both started laughing until they started coughing and couldn’t breath.


When they got a chance to calm down grandma sat up and almost immediately fell asleep. Lily decided to go to bed. When she walked up the stairs to go to the guest room she saw that the attic ladder was slightly lowered. She thought that she should go up there and look around to see if she can find a picture or two. When she climbed up it immediately became a lot colder.

DW staring at the screen

After finding a bunch of family photos, old toys, etc. She found a box labeled “Arthur.” Her face lit up remembering all the times she would sit down and watch Arthur over and over again. She opened the box and saw a ton of DVDs that were not labeled. She went to the guest room with the dusty and spider web covered box and sat down. She put the first disc in and started watching Arthur. The first episode said season 4 so she knew what episodes they were. After 3 episodes she falls fast asleep.

After she woke up she had breakfast with grandma and after they finished those signature eggs and bacon grandma said, “I’m gonna take a nap.” Lily smiles and goes back to the room. She opens the box and starts watching Arthur. After a few hours most of the DVDs are on the bed. She looks in the box and sees one more DVD inside the Box. She picks it up and puts it in the DVD player.

the DVD starts playing Arthur season 3 episodes so she decides to watch them. after finishing all the episodes one more pops up the episode is titled Arthur season 3 episode 0 she is confused but decides to watch it The episode starts off fine like any other episode of Arthur she’d seen with the classic intro. then The episode starts and there is so much static and stuttering that the entire episode is not understandable. Lily keeps watching and the static slowly fades and it shows Arthur and his family. DW says “I don’t want to eat my veegg-

DW is cut off and the screen cuts to a screen with a white background saying something in a foreign language. Maybe Hindi or Chinese? She couldn’t tell. It cuts to black once again then a few seconds later. It cuts to DW’s family standing behind her grave crying over it during a rainy day. Everyone is wearing black suits and dresses and have handkerchiefs on hand.

It cuts, this time to Arthur’s mom and dad. They look fine but the audio seems altered in a way. It is a little bad quality but it seems like they’re talking about a divorce. It then again cuts to an alive DW staring out the window of her room seeming almost sad.

The episode fades to black as Arthur’s parents are talking and after it has totally faded it cuts back to the foreign language with a white background again but this time it just stays. After maybe 30 seconds the episode cuts to black and ends.

Lily is very confused about this. "what was that" she said. she walked out into the living room and saw her grandma crying. she went to comfort her grandma and said "grandma what's wrong?". her grandma looks at her with tears in her eyes and says "you're parents are getting a divorce". Lily was shocked and started crying. she couldn't believe this. "Why" she said. she ran to the guest bedroom and threw herself on the bed. All the sudden she hears the TV turn on she remembered that she forgot to take out the DVD. the DVD cut to DW staring directly into the screen. And then DW said "why did you leave us".

DW begins clutching at her chest and then start screaming in pain. Lily begins suffering a heart attack the pain is so bad she passes out. her grandma finds her and takes her to the hospital Where she stays for a while. sadly Lily dies due to heart failure at 7:59 PM on december 29

Credited to Handsomeman9120
Originally uploaded on September 9, 2022‎

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