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Ashley78090: awwwwwwwww!!!! don't be such a buzzkill!

NATEs90: besides what do you wanna talk about?

Ashley78090: how about..... what you look like?

NATEs90; WFT?!

Ashley78090: i bet yr really cuute....

NATEs90: ummm... ill only tell you i have have brown hair.

Ashley78090: oooohhhh!!! meeee tooo....

NATEs90: ok.....

Ashley78090: you look really nice today.

NATEs90: wdym? you don't even see me.

Ashley78090: ohh that can change...

NATEs90: ....

Ashley78090: just stand up so i can see you better...

-joshyrmom has joined-

joshyrmom: hey nate.

NATEs90: hey josh

Ashley78090: ohhhh nate was expressing his love for me!

NATEs90: umm wtf i dont even know you.

joshyrmom: ummmmm ok this is wierd.

NATEs90: wait is there somebody in my yard?

joshyrmom: what does it look like?

NATEs90: ummm... wait.... it has blonde hair and is.... WAIT WTF!!!!

joshyrmom: nate?

joshyrmom: nate is everything alright?!

-Ashley78090 has left-

-NATEs90 has left-

joshyrmom: NATE!!!

-NATEs90 has joined-

NATEs90: hey josh.

joshyrmom: oh my god what did you see?

NATEs90: look out your window.

Credited to Sirencats3

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